In this article, we will be providing instructions for adding a meta description to your HubSpot Blog.

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is the text that shows up with your listing in a search results page (like Google).

what is a meta description

Each page and blog on your website should have a keyword-rich meta description (also relevant and specific to the page) that is approximately 150 characters in length including spaces.

While technically, meta descriptions do not effect rank, the meta description is what displays in a search result, so keyword relevance can effect click-through rate, and hence authority.

It’s also worth mentioning that social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook will use your blog’s description tag when it is shared on their sites. Without a meta description on your blog, they could use the first words from your blog, which may or not serve as a good description.

Here are some tips for writing your description:

  • Give visitors a reason to read your blog
  • Use a keyword-rich description
  • Keep around 150 characters in length (including spaces)
  • Avoid non-alphanumeric characters

How to Add a Meta Description to a HubSpot Blog

1) From your HubSpot dashboard, navigate to Content > Blog

2) Click the ‘Add New Blog Post’ button

3) Select your preferred publishing method (compose/inline)

4) Add your post title and body on the content tab

5) Click on the settings tab

hubspot blog settings tab

6) Add your meta description.

(note: HubSpot will warn you if you go over the 160 character limit)

add meta description to hubspot blog

That’s it! You are now ready to publish or schedule your blog for a future time and date.

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