The time has come to reflect on our year of accomplishments and create new resolutions for 2015. As marketers, our resolutions are very similar to personal goals like being better listeners, revamping our image, or simply being more human. For 2015, let’s focus on what’s important in modern marketing. Here are four important marketing resolutions to start focusing on:

1. Focus on Mobile

It is now clear that almost everyone is holding a mobile device in hand whether it is a smart phone or tablet. This new way of consuming the digital world has all been transformed to mobile. On social networks alone there has been a 55% engagement in the past year and that number continues to grow into the New Year. In a comScore Report, it stated that 60% of website traffic came from mobile.

comScore Media


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Because mobile is where most of the online audience is, it is the marketers job to create mobile friendly websites that are easy to use and has a great graphic design.

To learn how to develop a successful mobile website, it’s important to keep SEO in mind. It should be user-friendly, and of course, search-friendly with short keyword phrases.

Feeling more ambitious this year? Creating a mobile app for your business is also an option. So much of mobile users’ time is spent on multiple different apps per day that integrating a marketing campaign with a mobile app could become a marketing success. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, 28% of B2B marketers already use mobile apps as a key marketing driver and 10% use gamification. Once you’ve creating a really great app for your business, take the Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals course on Google Analytics Academy, and start measuring your performance.

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2. Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

When Facebook changed the way people now see their News Feed, it was bad news for small businesses trying to reach an audience organically. For this reason, and other similar changes to the News Feed algorithm on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, marketers will need to change their social media strategy.

Also, with Facebook having the oldest user base, and social media apps like Instagram and SnapChat attracting younger audiences, it’s wise to reevaluate your social media strategy. With the right budget and target audience, a Facebook Ad or boosted post could go long way.

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3. Humanize Your Marketing

Consumers today are more interested in an authentic, honest, and “human” company. However, marketers have been communicating to a mass audience using automatic posts with HootSuite, Buffer, and Optimizely, to push more and more messages out until they’re eventually ignored. The New Year of marketing calls for a balance on how we measure our marketing efforts and begin to be more engaging with the consumer. It’s time to listen, read, and reply to comments from your audience and build a two-way conversation as opposed to constantly pushing out content with automated posts.

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4. Do a Homepage Revamp

At Modern Marketing Partners, we make sure we are always staying current with marketing trends and living up to our title. Marketers must always adapt to changes, especially in the digital age we live in. Old and outdated websites are a prime example of losing an audience and web users quickly. If your website looks old, then your company looks old and no one will want to work with a business that doesn’t keep up with the times. Having modern, graphic design, and a fast, user-friendly website will increase the chances of users staying on your website and ultimately keep them coming back to your site.

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So for 2015, lets strive to be modern marketers and adapt to the ever-changing marketing trends. It’s never too late to implement these resolutions into your marketing strategy! Let us know what your marketing resolutions are for 2015 and comment on our blog!