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Tips for Using Social this Holiday Season image

Shoppable Media

This year’s holiday season is all about making the social world shoppable. In particular, companies are being given the access and the opportunity to make their content, images and videos shoppable this season. The reason this is big news for companies is this is a trend that interests people. According to PwC’s 2018 Holiday Lookout study, more than 40 percent of Millennials and 25 percent of Gen Z shoppers will purchase through shoppable photos this year. Here’s how social platforms are innovating this season – and you can too right along with them. Instagram just announced three new ways for users to shop while browsing their favorite photos of pets, food, travel, family and friends. The new features help people ...

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Quality Content Needed at Every Phase of the Sales Cycle image

Quality Content

Quality digital content has the potential to help B2B marketers cost-effectively reach annual company goals. The key to pulling this off requires a commitment to providing content that puts your audience’s needs first. And it must happen at every point in the selling cycle. A recent survey by Clutch Research finds that 88 percent of B2B audiences read business content online at least once weekly to stay informed, research companies and make purchasing decisions. The report identifies four stages in the sales funnel and the content consumers consider during each phase in the sales conversion. Taking a look at their findings can help companies understand how to interact with B2B audiences and take advantage of opportunities to engage potential customers ...

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Engage Customers on the Platforms They’re Using Everyday image

2 technology platforms

Many companies enjoy a local community setting where they’ve established roots and gotten to know their customers. To ensure their business continues growing, most companies have also harnessed the power of technology to reach even more people online. Some companies even solely conduct their business just online. Understanding the impact technology can have on your business seems to go without saying. It clearly is helping both small and large companies achieve greater success. However, staying on top of new technology trends, which have been changing so rapidly has become a tougher initiative. Marketers see 2018 and the next couple years really requiring an accelerated approach to adoption. So just thinking in terms of community, here are two social technology platforms ...

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Inspire Customers with User-Generated Content image

User Generated Content

The growing popularity and use of social media has greatly expanded marketing opportunities for businesses over the past several years. Companies have joined the conversation by creating Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and Instagram feeds to reach people where they are spending time. Now, companies need to take the next step and harness the positive activity being spread about them on social media and integrate those messages throughout their other marketing channels. We’re talking about user-generated content (UGC). That’s where customers make the content for the business. A family photo about a great travel experience, a wonderful dinner prepared with foods from a specialty market, a quality garage door installation, all shared on social media, which is now has the potential ...

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15 Best Social Media Tools image

Social Media Tools

Social media has a number of benefits: you can reach a wider audience, you can stay in contact with current and potential customers, etc. But It can be overwhelming to manage all your accounts – you need to create posts, respond to followers, build your presence; the list goes on. To manage such a large task, Forbes put together 15 social media tools with the help of their Forbes Agency Council. View what the Council had to say below. 1. HootSuite Whether you are a user handling multiple accounts, or an agency that handles hundreds, HootSuite makes it easy. It’s easy to add accounts, easy to schedule posts across all major platforms and easy to add account managers. In addition, the company also ...

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Basic Questions About Social Media Automation – Answered image

Social Media Automation

Social media can be a really important tool for your business, but it can require a lot of work. With plenty of tasks likely on your marketing plate, it’s easy to forget to post on social media. That’s why you should be using automation tools to help you get the job done. You can schedule multiple posts (among other social tasks) and avoid forgetting or wasting time everyday uploading new posts. Why is social automation a good pick? One of the most important benefits of social automation is the time it saves. You’ll spend less time on repetitive tasks, like uploading social posts one by one. This eliminates a dreaded chore and some unnecessary stress. Further, your time is now ...

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Gain Active Viewers on LinkedIn image

Active Viewers on LinkedIn

Some social platforms, like Twitter, are relatively easy to grow a following. Like some posts, follow similar users; then watch your network grow. LinkedIn, however, is one of the more difficult platforms to gain engagement and viewers on, but it’s not impossible. Social Report provided some advice on gaining active viewers, as listed below. Utilize Oversized Pictures The right picture can draw in readers and vastly more numbers than even the most catchy of titles. Maximize the impact of your images by going beyond the standard thumbnails to include content rich material that informs your readers of the content of your article without giving it all away. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true. ...

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Get Past the Social Media Algorithms image

Social Media Algorithms

Over the years, Facebook and other social platforms have changed the game for organic posts, making it increasingly harder for businesses to place at the forefront of users’ feed. This has both been to improve user experience and to encourage social advertising. If you’re reluctant to spend on social ads or if you just want a healthy combination of paid and organic social, then you need to learn how to get pass the social algorithms. Luckily, Social Report provided some tricks to do this. Social Media Algorithms – What Are They? These algorithms are developed by recording user interactions and developing a mathematical model that is updated on a regular basis. In short – it is a social media company’s ...

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Instagram Stories are better for Marketing than Snapchat image

Instagram Snapchat

Snapchat just went public and over the last couple years, marketers have tried to get a piece of Snapchat’s excellent engagement rates. But here’s the issue – users don’t want to use Snapchat to interact with brands. It’s personal. If you’re looking to create a branded ‘Story,’ use Instagram. It is clear that Instagram copied Snapchat’s Story feature, however, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t improvements. Instagram Stories work better than Snapchats for three main reasons: Instagram users are more likely to follow brands, Instagram Stories are public, and Instagram Stories are positioned better in the app. Customers Love Brands on Instagram; Snapchat, Not so Much Snapchat is highly engaging, but it’s more of a messaging app than one for content ...

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The Dangers of Infinite Personalization image


In previous blogs, we have discussed the many advantages personalization presents to businesses. But the past few months have revealed the very real and dark side of personalization. The election season brought about complaints of fake news on sites like Facebook and Google. Even the president complained about this issue. (in a very different context). One of the reasons Facebook acted cautiously in filtering out fake news was to avoid being too disproportionally left-leaning. Although fake news stories often had right-leanings, supporters on both sides read and believed articles with little to no truth to them. The fake news trend displays a relationship with personalization. Personalization can be extremely effective. But when it comes to information, it can have some severe drawbacks, as David Siegel pointed out ...

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LinkedIn Tutorial: Big Changes for Free Accounts image

linkedin tutorial

It’s no secret that LinkedIn encourages its users to use their paid membership over the free profiles. And with its most recent update, searching the network of first and second degree connections just got harder for a standard account. If you don’t intend to invest in a paid membership, here are some tips for searching your network for free. Searching the Network of a First Degree Connection Certain search abilities have been removed. You can now only see mutual connections with one of your first degree connections and their other first degree connections. Using the mobile app for this will be faster than the desktop because you now need to look page by page. Advanced Search/Second Degree Search Advanced search, ...

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Jeep’s Movember: Simultaneously Tackling Social Media and Cause Marketing image


Jeep just wrapped up its Movember promotion. The promotion uniquely accomplished both social media and cause marketing. This is because fans could only enter on Twitter or Instagram using designated hashtags. Further, the movement was meant to spread awareness on men’s health issues. Cause Marketing Jeep partnered with Movember on this promotion. Movember is a nonprofit organization that promotes men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. This nonprofit encourages men to spread awareness by adopting a “No-Shave November” rule. Men grow out their facial hair during the month to symbolize their support for the cause. And since social media use is always seemingly on the rise, that allows participants to take their support to a new level: broadcasting on public online platforms. ...

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Influencers on Notice: FTC Regulations Affecting Influencer Marketing image


The FTC’s Policy Statement on Native Ads doesn’t just apply to Buzzfeed articles. It affects social media as well. Two recent lawsuits brought by the FTC are putting influencers on notice. Back in December, the FTC released a Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Ads. They regulations target native advertising, a disguised form of ads matching the format of other content on a website or medium. For example, BuzzFeed’s Sponsored articles advertise certain companies but appear to be native content. Through the FTC regulations, companies are required to differentiate native content from advertisements. This same rule applies to influencers on social media: paid content must be disclosed as such. Warner Bros. and Lord & Taylor Both Warner Bros. and Lord & Taylor recently ...

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How to Develop a Social Media Center of Excellence image

social media center

With the multiple departments and locations of large enterprises, it’s not unheard of social media efforts overlapping. This can create issues of inconsistency or duplicate content. How can businesses resolve this issue? One solution is to develop a Social Media Center of Excellence (CoE). We’re excited to have our friends at Hot Potato Social Media delve deeper into the benefits of a CoE and the process of creating one within your organization, in the article below. What is a Social Media Center of Excellence? Depending on the size of your organization, Social Media CoE will consist multiple full-time and part-time employees, and possibly outsource partners dedicated solely to the social media efforts of the business. The team works to improve ...

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Find an Influencer that Fits Your Influencer Marketing Strategy image

If you read our previous article, you know to take influencer marketing seriously. But how do you need to approach this strategy? It’s difficult to track down an influencer that’s the perfect fit – both a balance of a large social following, and followers that would be interested in your niche. Selecting an influencer with too few followers is not going to be seen, but an influencer with many followers is useless if their interests don’t align with your product. If you find your perfect influencer, you need to think about your approach. How are you going to compensate the influnecers? It may not be enough just to give them a product sample. Give them a reason to talk about ...

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Why Influencer Marketing Needs to be Taken Seriously image

influencer marketing

As the popularity of social media marketing continues to grow, so does the use of influencers. Influencer marketing is a strategy companies use similar to word-of-mouth (WOM). Businesses find influential members within online communities and incentivize them to promote their product in a more organic or native way. Typically, these influencers are experts within a product category or have a large social following. Companies may offer free products, cash, or other compensation; in exchange, the influencer chats up or reviews the company’s product on their platform(s). Influencers may spread the word on a multitude of social platforms, blogs, or websites. Why Influencer Marketing? Advertisement exhaustion. We’re each exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads per day. Consequently, the population is sick of ads. ...

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Instagram Jumps on the Algorithm Bandwagon image

Instagram Jumps on the Algorithm Bandwagon

Have you ever scrolled down your Instagram newsfeed and noticed your favorite brand or music artist posts an update, only to visit their profile page and notice you’ve missed several posts from last week? “On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their Instagram feed,” Kevin Systrom, co-founder and chief executive of Instagram, said in an interview. Because so many users are missing posts they feel are important to them, Instagram is taking after other social networks and using an algorithm to reorder your newsfeed. Similar to Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, Instagram will test out an algorithm that will place photos and videos in order of importance or interest, regardless of the chronological order. Many IG users ...

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Bell Let’s Talk: Cause Marketing Done Right image

Bell is a Canadian telecom company that launched a successful mental health campaign in 2010. The initiative is called Let’s Talk and aims to ‘end the stigma’ of mental illness. Since its inception, the program has donated over $100 million to mental health organizations. Celebrities like Mary Walsh open up about their experiences with mental illness to create awareness and reduce stigma. Their work has not only helped the lives of many, but it acts as a great source of marketing for Bell Canada. It is a free form of PR and improves the brand image. In our white paper on Cause Marketing, we address 6 Tips for Effective Cause Marketing. Bell Let’s Talk matches this list perfectly. 1. Pick ...

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Is 140 Characters Twitter’s Defining Feature? image

Twitter New Character Limit 10000

You’ve probably heard by now that Twitter is likely expanding its character limit to a whopping 10,000 characters. Plenty of Twitter users are voicing their dissatisfaction, while social media predictors are starting to think that this may be a smart move. The biggest concern is that Twitter is going to lose its most distinctive feature, one that’s been with the company since it started in 2006. Are we forgetting the other features that set Twitter apart? Brief History Lesson: Why 140 Characters? Prior to iPhone’s iMessage that allows limitless text messages, cell phone owners of the mid-2000s were stuck to 160 character limits for SMS messages. Social media platforms emerging at that time followed similar limits: Twitter capped Tweets to ...

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Content Marketing Tips For B2B Companies image

Content Marketing For B2B

Content marketing is a hot topic! In fact, 86% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing (CMI) . So what is it? We define content marketing as the creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple formats to attract and/or retain customers. Below we  will take you through the content marketing process. Planning; deciding what type of content marketing works best for your company and a content schedule. Implementation; including tips on how to write blogs, case studies, and white papers, and how to distribute your content. And finally, measurement; metrics to use to determine if your content marketing is effective. Content Marketing Planning The quality of a content plan can support both the effectiveness and efficiency of your content marketing initiative. Begin your planning by determining the mission ...

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YouTube Cards to Replace Annotations image

YouTube Cards

Have you ever used YouTube annotations? Annotations enabled publishers to add clickable text overlays to their videos to boost engagement or give more information. For example, asking viewers to like, favorite, or share a video, or link to related videos or content. YouTube Cards Now Available Announced yesterday, YouTube “Cards” will take annotations a step further and eventually replace the product entirely. Similar to annotations, Cards will continue to offer viewers more information, but offer some much needed benefits including working on mobile devices and more flexibility in what you can post. As the name implies, the new interface will feature rectangular-shaped cards that appear to the right of the video (pictured below). Right now, there are six types of ...

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Facebook Advertising: Choosing a Campaign Objective image

Facebook Advertising Campaign Objectives

At Modern Marketing Partners, we love Facebook Advertising. Our Facebook Advertising series will cover a range of topics including audiences, strategies, and more. For beginners, be sure to read our Facebook Advertising 101 post first. In this post will we discuss campaign objectives. Do you want to get more people to like your Page? Do you want people to click on a link in your post and visit your website? Facebook offers a variety of campaign objectives to help you achieve those goals. Below we will detail each of the 10 available objectives, provide tips, and specifications to ensure your ad looks good everywhere. Send People to Your Website The main focus of this objective is to drive traffic to your ...

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A Look Back at Facebook Updates in 2014 image

Facebook Changes in 2014

2014 was an innovative and busy time in the social media space. It is no surprise that Facebook had a long list of updates in 2014. As the end of 2014 approaches, we thought we would take a look back at some of the top Facebook stories of 2014. Facebook Introduces Call-To-Action Buttons (December 2014) Page administrators can now add one of seven call-to-action buttons (book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now, sign up, watch video) that will be visible on their cover photo. Administrators can link the button to any destination on or off Facebook, for example, their website. This feature can help drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website, a critical and measurable objective ...

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Facebook Introduces Call-To-Action Buttons For Pages image

Facebook Call to Action Buttons

On the heels of their recent announcement about the new interest targeting and a slew of other new features, Facebook has also announced the introduction of call-to-action buttons for pages. This feature can help drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website, a critical and measurable objective of marketers. New Call-To-Action Buttons Page administrators will be able to select from one of seven buttons that will be visible on their cover photo: Book Now Contact Us Use App Play Game Shop Now Sign Up Watch Video The Call-To-Action button will appear in a fixed location, on your cover photo next to the Like button as pictured below. Administrators can link the button to any destination on or off Facebook, for example, their ...

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Facebook Announces Organic Post Targeting By Interest image

Facebook Organic Post Targeting

Facebook has just announced a set of new features to help publishers better connect with their Facebook audience. Rolling out over the next couple of weeks, these new features are exciting for Page owners who may have been discouraged or disappointed by Facebook’s other recent announcements regarding their News Feed algorithm that will greatly reduce the organic reach of most if not all posts. Here is an overview of the four new features. After, we will look at the interest targeting (organic post targeting) in depth: Interest Targeting – target posts on your page to a subset of your fans that have particular interests Post End Date – specify a time and date to stop showing your post in News Feeds to ...

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