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Essential Positions to Fill on an Elite Marketing Team standard

Marketing is a lot different than it used to be. Where once the job was about putting a message before as many people as possible and hoping some of them went for it, the focus has narrowed tremendously. Modern marketing practices are less about casting the widest possible net, and more about identifying and developing the most specific and enticing lures possible. You want content that finds the ideal audience and knows how to speak to them. Elite marketing teams can help make that happen. But how do you staff them? In this article, we take an in-depth look at what sort of people you need on your marketing team! Lead Strategist Consider this the team manager. They interact directly with the ...

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Building a Diverse Marketing Team Can Bring in Global Opportunities standard

If you manage a marketing team, you’ve probably observed a growing push towards international relevance and exposure in the industry. Whether intentionally or just because the world is more connected than ever before and makes it more possible for people around the world to engage with your brand, it is much more commonplace that marketing teams need the skills and know-how to interact with international audiences. This can pose a challenge for mono-ethnic teams or teams that do not contain high levels of diversity. For this reason, marketing teams that include more diversity within their ranks are better positioned and equipped to perform well in an increasingly connected world. If you have decision-making power over how your organization’s marketing team ...

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