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The Benefits of Video Marketing: How Video Editing Can Help Boost Engagement standard

Video marketing is quite popular these days and helps businesses get a competitive edge in the market. It allows brands to reach their target audience and showcase their products and services creatively. Customers are more likely to make a purchase and trust your brand after watching a compelling video rather than reading a text. Statistics say that 87% of marketers increased their sales using video marketing. So read the article to find out more about video marketing benefits and editing videos for your effective marketing strategy.  Taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/kdcOJb-TUvc  Video Marketing Advantages You know that eye-catchy marketing videos can help you grab the audience’s attention and boost sales. There are many more benefits this marketing strategy can bring to your brand. Read ...

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4 Tips For Creating Better Video Ads On LinkedIn In 2021 standard

Video ads are special. Great video ads are delightful; with sound, sight, and motion, they can attract an audience’s attention. Brands can use videos on LinkedIn to reach a huge, engaged, and professional audience. With over 740 million members on LinkedIn, it is best to utilize this feature for your business. You may want to know what a great video ad looks like. Are the videos long or short? Do they have captions? A research was conducted with over 500 hours of analysis and over 3500 ads. Furthermore, after using automation and human processing methods, the research categorizes video ads into 38 categories. The categories include type, style, and production. Furthermore, the researchers compared the video ads categories with ad ...

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