Video ads are special. Great video ads are delightful; with sound, sight, and motion, they can attract an audience’s attention. Brands can use videos on LinkedIn to reach a huge, engaged, and professional audience. With over 740 million members on LinkedIn, it is best to utilize this feature for your business.

You may want to know what a great video ad looks like. Are the videos long or short? Do they have captions? A research was conducted with over 500 hours of analysis and over 3500 ads. Furthermore, after using automation and human processing methods, the research categorizes video ads into 38 categories. The categories include type, style, and production. Furthermore, the researchers compared the video ads categories with ad performance using metrics like view-through rate (VTR), cost per view/click (CPV, CPC), and click-through (CTR).

Although you can outsource your ads to a LinkedIn advertising agency at, some tips can help you create great video ads on LinkedIn based on the research. Fortunately, this article discusses the tips. Kindly read along for more information.

#1 – Including A Demo And An Offer

People search LinkedIn daily with the hope of learning about several brands and products. Through the research, it has been found that product demos have high performance, especially in engagement, video completion, and click-through rates. Therefore, LinkedIn provides an opportunity for showing off your product.

Also, including an offer is best. Usually, audiences watch a video until the end to see an offer regardless of its duration. The research further showed a 1.2× average video completion rate for ads that include offers, promotions, or deals. Additionally, ads with an offer in their headlines had an 8% higher completion rate.

When creating your next video ad, you must record a quick demo of your product. You can even show off the unboxing of a physical product. Afterward, use offers like “first month free” and “$100 off with code” to incentivize the ad.

#2 – Animating Your Video Ad

It is safe to say that everyone has a favorite animated movie or show. Research shows that animated video ads on LinkedIn also capture an audience’s attention. Worldwide, audiences have a positive response towards ads with animation. You can use motion graphics in telling your brand story and demonstrating your product or service.

When compared to the benchmarks, ads with motion graphics have more impressive performance gains. Also, compared to the standard CTR benchmarks for video ads, ads with motion graphics have a 3% increase in CTR.

When creating your video ads, you can add animated sizzle by working with a digital agency or using an online tool like Biteable

#3 – Using Captions And Keeping The Audio Simple

There are several essential components of a video ad, including audio. Research shows some interesting facts about the use of audio and captions.

When creating video ads, it is best to use a single audio source. The audio source could be a musical track or a simple narration. Using multi-track audio – voice-over and a track can reduce a video’s engagement and completion rate.

Another finding from the research suggests using captions or subtitles in video ads. Also, 79% of videos on the LinkedIn feed are watched with the sound switched off. Using captions in the same language as the audio can increase your audience’s social action

When creating your video ads, it is advisable to think like a silent film director. Ask yourself if your video ad communicates without having sound. It would be best to communicate your key messages using captions or type animation visually

#4 – Keeping Your Copy Short And Adding A CTA Button

Your video can do the work for you. Using long descriptions or introductory text of more than 4 to 5 lines for your videos can result in worse performance metrics. Your copy should ideally be between 100 and 150 characters. Using minimal copy and short descriptions allow your video ad to be the growth engine

When creating video ads, bear in mind that short, snappy copy works best. Your copy should be a maximum of three lines, ensuring you pass the key point across in the first two lines of text. Usually, the “see more” link is triggered after the first two lines of text, reducing engagement by 7%.


Video ads are ideal for reaching your target audience, keeping them engaged. The ads combine sound, sight, and motion to reach your audience. Apart from reaching your target audience, your video ads should aim at having a high engagement, completion, and click-through rate.

Research shows that you can maximize your LinkedIn video ads by including a demo and offer, Animating the video ad, and using captions. Keeping the audio simple, using a short copy, and adding a CTA button will also get you closer to your desired results.