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How to Write a Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essay standard

A comparative essay should fully examine each subject and honestly identify its strengths and weaknesses. The success of a comparative essay depends on the correct formulation of the thesis statement. To create a truly impressive essay, a strong thesis statement must capture the reader's attention. In addition, the thesis statement guides the path in which your work moves. If you are presented with problems forming a relevant thesis statement for a comparative essay, this article will provide useful information to help you deal with it. What is a compare and contrast essay? A compare and contrast essay takes two opposing concepts. It examines them from all angles, with the author having to pick up on subtle differences or conversely unexpected similarities ...

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How Long Can A Resume Be? standard

Making the ideal resume that stands to benefit from being of the correct format and length is a time-consuming process. It carries a lot of weight as it is the first thing that any prospective employer checks you on. The resume is the tool that gets you into the next round of securing a job. Being the first step, it carries massive significance, and as such, there is a lot of pressure to perfect it. Unfortunately, when it comes to drafting the perfect resume, we all get stuck on various steps. One of them being the perfect length of the resume. How long should you keep your resume? There is a lot of debate around the perfect length of a resume. Clearly, ...

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5 College Majors That Will Help You Build a Marketing Career standard

So, you want to build a successful career in marketing? Most likely, you are working on obtaining a bachelor's degree in a marketing-related subject. It can be either Bachelor of Science in Marketing or Business Administration. Both of those degrees give you enough skills that guarantee a successful career. Mainly, you are going to learn the following: Principles of Marketing Principles of Management Strategic Marketing Marketing and Digital Media Introduction to Social Media And if you sink your teeth into your studies and search for help with some of your homework by googling something along the lines of “do my homework for me,” you can surely graduate with everything you need. Well, almost. Don’t you think that just having a ...

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How to Progress in Your Marketing Career standard

As a marketing professional, you should always be looking for ways to improve your career prospects. Whether you're aiming for a promotion or simply wanting to be more successful in your role, there are a few key things you can do to make sure you're on the right track. Get certified There are a number of marketing degree and certification programs available for marketers which can help you progress in your career. Certifications show that you are serious about marketing and that you have the skills and knowledge to back it up. They can also help you stand out from the competition and make you more attractive to potential employers. There are so many certifications you can get as a marketer, so ...

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Top 5 Best-Rated Resume Writers in Resume Consulting Services standard

In today’s world, where the competition in nearly every industry vertical is higher than ever, using specialized resume consulting services has many perks. First and foremost, such services help job seekers save their time and, at the same time, ensure the success of their job search. So, though finding a reliable service can be rather challenging, the effort is well worth the benefits that you can get. But, there is another challenge. Even after you find best rated resume writing services that employ real pros and can help you make the best impression on recruiters, you will still need to choose the best expert who can meet your needs and expectations. Typically, reliable resume writing services boast extensive teams of ...

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3 High-Powered Career Paths to Consider Prior to Attending College standard

You’re heading off to school and you want to major in a field that will lend itself to a vibrant career, right? Well, though everyone heads off to college with the same intention (more or less), the career space is vast, and sometimes all of the options we’re given can be overwhelming. So, how do you decide which educational pathway to take in order to ensure that you’ll land a good paying job? The answer is simple, and this is done through research, understanding your own interests, and looking at the job growth projections for a specific field. Whether you’re looking in the healthcare industry, marketing, or any other viable industry with long-term projected job growth, understanding the job market for these ...

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