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How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Marketing Psychology standard

There’s a lot that goes on in the human brain when we decide to buy a product. Although not many marketers are psychologists, having a basic understanding of the science of psychology and its uses in marketing can be very helpful. Here’s how psychology can help you increase brand awareness that can ultimately lead to more sales. What Is Marketing Psychology? The concept of marketing psychology is simple: using the principles of psychology to influence more people to follow a brand and buy products or services. It’s also known as “neuromarketing” and it can be a powerful way to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Marketing Psychology 101 There are 10 main principles of marketing psychology that can be used in different contexts ...

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Signs Your Business Needs Help from a Brand Design Agency standard

Has your business been struggling recently but you cannot quite put your finger on what is going wrong? This often happens to businesses that have been around for a few years. After the initial buzz and excitement have gone, brands struggle to keep their customers and enjoy the same success. This does not mean that your business has had its time. Instead, it can just mean that you need to work on your brand design more. Perhaps your messaging and story are not clear or they blend in with the crowd. Alternatively, you may have lost interest and need to brand. No matter what the problem is, a brand design agency can help you enjoy a new lease of life. ...

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