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Boost Association Membership

The key to association membership growth is looking at the members you already have. This is for two reasons. The first: keeping them happy is the key to retention. It's a lot easier to grow when your current memberships aren't deflating. Second: by paying careful attention to your members, you can learn what they like and don't like about your association. You can then adapt and market accordingly. Following are several ways you can increase membership by looking at your current members. Membership Retention To prevent any membership declines, let's first focus on keeping current members around. Pay Special Attention to New Members New members are the ones most at-risk of leaving, so pay close attention to them and communicate frequently; they'll be ...

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5 Ways to Increase Association Membership Recruitment and Retention image

5 Ways to Increase Association Membership Recruitment and Retention

Having trouble recruiting and retaining association members? You may be the minority. The average retention rate is a whopping 85% for trade associations, and member organizations enjoy a 76% retention rate. If you’re seeing a decline or stagnated growth, it’s time to do something differently. So why do members decide not to renew? 37% don’t renew because an employer stop paying for their membership. These members may have found your association valuable, but not valuable enough to pay for it personally. There’s little you can do to prevent this, other than continue to provide as much value as possible for the cost. 33% left the field. Unfortunately, not much can be done to change this. A former lawyer isn’t going ...

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