While authors may oftentimes view themselves as artists, when it comes to being an independent author operating outside of the publishing industry, it’s more accurate to look at oneself as a business. And, as is the case with most businesses, marketing plays a key role in helping independent authors find success.

Unfortunately, for those with limited marketing experience, this can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. By being exposed to some key marketing strategies, any independent author has the chance to market effectively and grow their audience beyond their wildest expectations.

Here are effective marketing strategies for independent authors.

Create a Website

For independent authors beginning their marketing journeys, creating a website is an amazing place to start. From being able to promote one’s work to having a store to sell directly to consumers, a website is a powerful marketing tool that can strongly convey messages to audiences.

When building a website, it’s important that one takes time to craft a beautiful interface that’s pleasant to explore. In essence, the website itself should be treated as a marketing channel since it will impart audiences with an impression of one’s work.

Many authors take advantage of their writing abilities and start blogs to attract new fans and keep audiences engaged in their ecosystem. However, one goes about it, it’s vital that independent authors keen on marketing themselves effectively create an outstanding website that is representative of their value.

Give Readers a Free Chapter

Giving readers a free chapter to dig their literary teeth into can be a powerful marketing tool for independent authors to promote themselves and their work. Though this tactic may have been nearly impossible to pull off a couple of decades ago, today, the internet has substantially widened the reach of independent authors to their potential audiences.

To provide free chapters to readers, there are several methods that one can take advantage of. One is simply posting the chapter on one’s website. To bolster this effort, it can help to post on places like social media in order to spread the word and generate excitement around one’s book.

Another potent tactic is offering a chapter sample on various digital reading apps and platforms. As these types of apps and platforms continue to gain popularity, independent authors can share their work with more and more people.

Ultimately, a portion of the people who read a sample chapter will be compelled to finish the book, resulting in conversions. Consequently, offering free chapters to readers has the chance to propel independent authors’ work into the spotlight and help them cultivate a bigger following.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Though many typically associate email marketing with businesses rather than authors, the truth is that it can be an effective marketing method for any independent author looking to grow. Email marketing allows authors to cultivate a relationship with audiences and provide them with reasons to make a purchase.

Some common email marketing tactics for authors include offering promotions, providing a newsletter, or giving audiences updates on books. One reason that this marketing method is so popular in today’s world is that it is both powerful and cost-effective. This being the case, email marketing is a small business expense that can have potentially amazing results for independent authors.

Connect with Literary Bloggers and Influencers

While reviews in coveted journals used to be the way that many people got their book recommendations, these days, the literary landscape has changed. Rather than being an exclusive club of critics, many book lovers out there have turned their hobby of reading into jobs by blogging about books.

The audiences that these literary bloggers have built trust in their judgment and typically take their recommendations seriously. This being the case, independent authors have a chance to see a huge boost in sales and readership if their book is posted by a successful literary blogger.

Given the positive impact of being reviewed by a notable literary blogger, connecting with book bloggers is a powerful marketing tactic for independent authors. To make these connections, authors can reach out over social media, attend literary events, or ask people in their network if they have any connections.

By being proactive about seeking relationships with literary bloggers, authors can steeply increase their audiences and market in a more effective way.

Growing an Audience Is Possible for Independent Authors

Though it may seem intimidating to some independent authors to market themselves, it doesn’t have to. By taking advantage of some simple but powerful marketing tips, any author has the chance to promote themselves in amazing and effective ways. This being the case, it’s important for independent authors to utilize these key strategies and grow their audiences in exciting ways.