Today social media is where you go to make anything go viral. Therefore, to grow your brand, this powerful tool is ideal for growing an audience towards your business. With so many platforms, Facebook commands the bigger share of users with over 2 billion global followers. Online business owners can’t ignore the powerful platform, especially with the many brands trying to get a fair share of the busy market. 

Tips to Grow Facebook Following for Your Brand

Before you attempt to grow your business online, you must make yourself known to Facebook users in Canada and then spread to the world. Business growth is a process that takes time and a lot of work, but it’s doable, and here are important tips to make it happen.

Create a Facebook page with a compelling profile 

You need a dedicated Facebook page for your business with a profile that gives a user a clear picture of the brand. As they say, first impressions matter because the business page is where your audience will interact with the brand. Use a cover and profile picture of high quality that reflects the brand to ensure everything is clear with similar businesses. Provide clear information on the profile while ensuring it’s up to date, including business hours and location. 

Post relevant, engaging content

Once you create a Facebook business page, you need to post relevant content to your audience. Provide information to visitors that leave them curious and ready to engage your brand. Keep the followers you build interested by posting various content that touches your brand and diversifying using images, texts, and videos. The content should be high-quality and engaging to leave no question in the reader’s mind. 

Use Facebook insights

Facebook Insights is a potent tool that allows users to track their business page performance. After posting content and giving visitors time to interact, use Facebook insights to determine if it resonates with the audience. Further, the feature will reveal if the following is growing and how they react to the content. Use the data Facebook insights provide to improve your content delivery and devise better strategies to improve over time. 

Promote the page

Promoting your business page increases the chances of growing a bigger audience. There are Facebook features like ads to spread the word about your brand too familiar and unfamiliar users worldwide. You can leverage specific demographics and interests to reach more people interested in your brand. Moreover, you can use other social media platforms to promote your Facebook business page and website. 

Engage with your audience

Facebook is a two-way street where you write, visitors read, and leave comments. To keep the relationship growing, you must respond to each comment promptly, providing precise answers. Encourage your audience to ask questions, provide feedback and thoughts about your brand then use the information to improve where possible. As a result, you build a community where your audience interacts as they enjoy reading the content on your page. 


Growing your Facebook Business Page is the best decision for your brand. It’s not an overnight miracle, but it will take time and effort. However, if done right, the results will grow your brand and convert sales, and in due time, you will achieve set goals.