The roofing industry market is expected to reach $156 billion by 2030 – new businesses are launching daily, and the competition in the local market is growing. Getting new customers is getting more difficult every day, so now is a crucial time to work on growing your roofing business. You can follow these tips to grow your roofing company: 

1. Share Reviews and Case Studies 

63% of customers trust a company with reviews more, so sharing reviews can help you grow your business. Testimonials can make your company look credible and increase your audience’s trust and confidence in your company. Ask for a detailed review if one of your clients is satisfied with your services, and if you receive any negative reviews, be sure to reply to them politely.

Share those reviews on your website and social media. You can also write case studies of your clients’ problems, describe how you solved them, and share them individually on your website. Case studies will help with your SEO while advertising your roofing company’s services by giving an actual example of how well your services work.

2. Get Referrals

A referral program is a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that motivates clients to promote your company by sharing their experiences with their friends. Referral programs for a small service-based business can result in loyal customers who will trust your business and feel like they’re a part of your community because they played a role in the success of your business. 

Launch a referral program by offering a discount to existing customers who refer you to their contacts. Referrals from previous clients instantly increase trust and faith in your abilities as a roofer. You can also contact local real estate and renovation businesses and make a deal where you recommend them to your customers while they do the same.

3. Start Marketing Your Company Online 

Investing in a website lets you unlock user experience and marketing benefits like no other platform. This is why 64% of small businesses have their own website. Your roofing company needs an optimized website so your customers can use it easily. Add a separate section for each service you offer so audiences with different problems can find the exact services they need. Add a contact button that is easy to find, so clients can request a callback or quote instantly. 

Local SEO is an excellent method to generate quality local leads for your company. This entails optimizing your website and Google Business profile to get more clicks. Google My Business profile is a free service that helps you to manage how your company appears on Google maps and search. Add your location, business hours, and information so customers can easily find you. Get over 50 reviews and add over 100 photos for the best optimization.

As a roofer, you are constantly dealing with the demands of running your company, which leaves you with little to no time to consider growing it. To increase your company’s visibility and ranking on search engines, you should hire a roofing marketing company

4. Use Google Ads

Customers will usually go to Google when they have a problem with roofing. 63% of customers will click on a Google ad, so you can use these to position your roofing company at the top of Google immediately. For example, you can bid on terms like ‘roofing repair,’ ‘metal re-roofing,’ ‘tile repair,’ and ‘roof repitching’, allowing you to reach the kind of customer who is actively searching for assistance with their roof. 

5. Focus on Sales 

Instead of getting sidetracked by non-sales activities like marketing, you need to concentrate on duties that help achieve desired sales goals.  You can outsource other activities, so your focus does not get diverted.

Make sure you offer the best customer service and support to your customers. Give replies to questions quickly, give accurate quotes, and act professionally. Focus on building relationships with your customers. In that way, they’ll be more likely to use your services again and refer you to others. Make sure you always contact your customers after a task is finished. This will strengthen your connection with them by demonstrating your concern for their satisfaction. 


The internet is growing increasingly daily, so spend your money on your website and ads to yield the best results. It can take some time for a business to take off, so don’t be discouraged if your few attempts at growing your business aren’t working. Stay persistent and consistent, and your efforts will bear fruit.