A comparative essay should fully examine each subject and honestly identify its strengths and weaknesses. The success of a comparative essay depends on the correct formulation of the thesis statement. To create a truly impressive essay, a strong thesis statement must capture the reader’s attention. In addition, the thesis statement guides the path in which your work moves. If you are presented with problems forming a relevant thesis statement for a comparative essay, this article will provide useful information to help you deal with it.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay takes two opposing concepts. It examines them from all angles, with the author having to pick up on subtle differences or conversely unexpected similarities between the subjects rather than obvious things. What role does the thesis play in all this?

The thesis is a summary of your subsequent arguments. It also introduces your readers to the argument and lets them know what to expect next. Formulating a thesis statement will make creating your compare-and-contrast essay structure and outline easier. Putting together the main idea of your paper in one or two sentences can be tricky; nevertheless, with its help, you can gradually reveal your thoughts and develop new arguments.

Before you begin constructing your thesis statement, you need to determine your goal and what you will be comparing. It would help if you also determined which of the two ways you will write a compare and contrast essay.

Explanatory essay

An expository essay examines two subjects without bias. This type is the most common among college academic assignments because the writer’s opinions are not considered in this type of essay. Students who constantly struggle with a large amount of homework can turn to an essay service. These services will relieve your clogged schedule.

Evaluation Essay

In the graded essay, however, as it is not hard to guess, the author has to express their opinion. This is where the author “picks a side” and then gives preference to it throughout the essay, backing it up with arguments. Regardless of your paper type, the list of topics for comparative essays is very extensive. Your main task is to talk about it extensively and logically.

How to write a good compare and contrast essay

If you want to improve your compare-and-contrast essay writing skills, the following tips will help you.

  • Create a flowchart to help you visualize your essay writing route
  • Choose a more specific topic so that your attention is not spread out over many additional factors: for example, you are comparing what is better for mobile games, a tablet, or a phone
  • Use special words of comparison and contrast, such as “although,” “on the one hand…but on the other hand,” etc.
  • The thesis statement should be at the end of your introduction so it’s easier for readers to identify it
  • Carefully consider your writing style and tone of voice-use, the most appropriate language in your topic, jargon and relevant terms, etc.

It is also very important to think carefully about the arguments you will counter. Use them only for their substance. Visit essay writer service to complete your essay on the highest level.

Thesis statement formula for compare and contrast essay

To make it easier to navigate exactly how a compare and contrast essay thesis works, we’ve highlighted a formula below that will help you work better.

Let’s say we’re comparing topics like X and Y. They have A and B in common (you can highlight more similarities, but two is the minimum). Then you give your argument, after which you say that topic X wins because there are reasons C and D. Again, you can find more reasons if you can.

So, the main thing to remember when formulating a thesis statement is that first, we highlight the topics, then what they have in common, and then you say that one of the topics is better for so-and-so reasons. You actively develop these arguments in the main text and address both subjects comprehensively. Most importantly, honestly acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of comparing both subjects.

This guide will help you form the thesis statement for your compare-and-contrast essay. Use this information to improve your writing and your writing skills.