There used to be a time when road signs and cable TV commercials were the go-to advertising method. But as technology advances, there are much more modern methods of advertising your product or service.

If you are looking to update your advertising styles, look no further. We have created a list of some great options for using modern media to your advantage as an advertising platform.

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Invest in SEO Content for Your Webpage

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and helps your rating on Google so that you can get more people to view and visit your website organically. Optimization means that anyone searching for keywords related to your service or your brand will first see links to your site in search engine results.

Higher placement on the results page will naturally get more site visitors and potential buyers quickly and effectively. Make sure to use professional search engine optimization consultants so that your webpage content is in the top tier.

Paid Social Media Advertisements

Social media marketing is another way to advertise in the new age of technology and the internet. Because social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are now so popular, you might as well embrace their popularity and use it to your advantage.

Older advertising methods used cable TV commercials to reach a vast public audience — essentially, anyone watching a TV show at a particular time. But with fewer people watching cable and turning to streaming and social media for entertainment, that’s no longer an effective avenue for reaching a broad audience.

Paying for an ad on one of these social media platforms is like the new TV ads.

Users of that media platform will see your ad while scrolling if you pay for it, regardless of how interested in your service they are. It is good for gaining name recognition in a community or area.

Running Social Media Accounts

Another way of using social media to your advantage is by starting a profile on these platforms for your brand or company.

The best part about this is that it is free! With your popularity, you can use various methods to gain followers and be more likely to show up on someone’s ‘discover’ or ‘search’ pages.

This method is excellent because you can just put your name out there and frequently post to help gain customer trust and increase transparency instead of paying for ads.

People like to see that your business is well run, and you can show that with social media. Followers can see what you offer them and how it can benefit them to invest in your business.

Streaming Site Advertisements

A way you can pay to have your advertisements show up for individuals guaranteed is through popular streaming sites like Hulu, CBS All Access, or Tubi.

Because these sites offer low-cost subscriptions for users that have advertisements on them, it can be very costly for you, but you can be guaranteed that users on these sites will see your message.

This is another new technology-era advertising method similar to old-school cable TV ads.

So many more people are choosing to use streaming services rather than pay for cable, so going this route will lead to even more people seeing your ad or message!

Final Thoughts

Bringing your company into popularity in the modern era is not very difficult, but it requires keeping up with modern methods.

Apply some of the modern marketing tips above for your next advertising campaign, and see tremendous growth in your company!