The brand of a company is pretty much the skeleton of the business. Everybody can recognize your products and services by simply reading or hearing your brand name. You may have gone a long way to establish a strong brand in the industry. However, have you recently checked your brand performance on social media? Are you getting enough likes, shares, and some other actions on your social profiles?

Whatever business segment you belong to, you’ll need to establish your brand strength in the virtual context as much as in the physical world. In an era where social media is generating a lot of attention among your target consumers, now’s the time to prep your brand to become more than just a logo and graphic.

Evoke your customers’ emotions and deliver your message through your brand by utilizing the following invaluable strategies:

brand social media

1) Use The Right Platforms

Due to a wide variety of social media platforms these days, it could be confusing which one to pour more effort and attention into. First off, you need to understand the primary interaction strategy for each social networking site. While Facebook is relatively significant in exposing news and content, Instagram is geared towards photos and short video clip contents. Twitter, on the other hand, encourages conversation and sharing relevant topics. 

Know which among these social media platforms and more will be the right tool to build your brand more. To reach your target audience, you need to find the platform that’ll boost your profile. You can start on focusing and building in one platform and eventually integrating it into your website. Have your site professionally designed by experts like Connective Web Design and others, so you’ll be able to prepare for a more substantial brand presence soon.

2) Focus On Visual Branding

It’s time to move one step forward now that your brand is consistent across your social media accounts. Being consistent with your brand is crucial if you want to succeed in brand retention. Don’t confuse your followers and prospects by projecting a different visual brand and a different logo on the next one. Whether you’re sharing content, uploading photos, or videos, ensure that they’re all similar and consistent. That’s how you create your visual branding. 

Although a logo can help establish recognition among your consumers, you’d want them to recognize your brand more even without these tiny signs. In social media branding, this type of recognition should be your ultimate goal. Focus on selecting brand elements that are consistent so all your posts will have the same color, font style, and visuals. You’ll be surprised at how these small details will matter on people’s recognition of your brand.

3) Generate A Brand Voice And Tone

You might not have noticed, but every post published on your site is already a way to release your brand voice or tone. Even the way you respond to comments and messages somehow determines what brand voice you’re using. 

It’s alright to incorporate different tones like being casually friendly, humorous, or even authoritative. They’re all effective somehow. When posting content, make them readable and understandable to all your audience. There’s no need to use puzzling and jargon terms as they’ll only lead to being ignored by your viewers. Post something that’ll provide value and ignite curiosity from people. Stay centric towards how your viewers can perceive and see your posts from their perspective. Once your voice and tone are taken care of, you can start administering digital marketing strategies to further expose your business.

4) Check And Monitor Your Branding Outcomes

The goal of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness. Although there may have been many strategies that produce this result, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to be patient and hardworking in building your brand on social media. This doesn’t happen overnight, in a week, or even a month. 

In today’s world, branding is more than just logos and colors. Voice, imagery, and targeted audience are all crucial. Its qualitative nature makes measuring its success more difficult. However, you’ll somehow know whether a strategy is working based on the activities on your social profiles. If your posts are getting more interaction and engagement, then it means they’re appealing to the masses and your target.

In addition to social media activities, you can incorporate surveys and polls to identify who your brand is reaching effectively and discover how they view you with what you intend to be. Repay their efforts in participating.


Developing a social media presence takes time. With the strategies mentioned above combined with your unparalleled amount of patience, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your efforts soon. Once your brand has improved significantly online, this virtual success will reflect on your overall business performance.