There are so many options for marketing in the digital age. While that’s great for creating revenue opportunities, it can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which strategy is best for your business.

If you’re not sure, there’s nothing wrong with trying out a few strategies to see what works. After all, the most successful companies have several campaigns and marketing strategies going at once in order to capture the largest market share possible.

No business is one-size-fits-all. Mix and match these 7 marketing strategies to benefit your business!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been an important marketing tool since search engines came on the scene, but it’s changed a lot. The algorithms have gotten smarter and it’s no longer all about keyword stuffing, it’s about creating helpful content for users who are searching for something specific. Essentially, you have to write for your audience, but you also have to write for Google!

SEO is a long game, but it can lead to great organic traffic. Here are some resources and marketing tools for making the most of it.

Voice Search & Voice SEO

People are using their phones for everything these days. Now, we’re making tons of searches on tiny keyboards and it’s just not that convenient. Enter: voice search.

Voice search or voice SEO has a lot in common with “normal” SEO (after all, the goal is still to rank organically), but it’s also a little different. When someone makes a voice search, Google will present a featured “snippet” that’s easy to read and use.

If you own a business that operates in a specific geographic area (like a restaurant, small law firm, or plumbing business), voice search is a great opportunity. People make these kinds of searches when they are looking for something specific!

Influencer & Social Media Marketing

If your business creates visually appealing consumer products, then influencer and social media marketing could be the key to your success. This technique involves not only creating beautiful photos and graphics that will capture attention, but also partnering with people who already have an audience on social media, known as “influencers.”

Influencers will promote your products to their audience, in exchange for free products and/or a fee. It’s important to choose your influencers carefully as a large audience doesn’t necessarily equal sales!

This can be a highly effective technique if done well. It’s essentially a high-tech form of word-of-mouth marketing. Sixty-three percent of people trust influencers more than brands themselves when it comes to promoting their products!

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating content like blogs, guides, and eBooks and distributing it for free, with the intention of building awareness, authority, and loyalty. Content marketing is usually combined with other strategies like social media marketing and email marketing. It’s an essential strategy for any business, big or small!

Because content marketing reaches audiences before they’re ready to buy, this is a long-term strategy. It’s a great way to build your lead pipeline and create growth for the future!

Email Marketing 

Our email inboxes are extremely personal. Most people glance at all the subject lines of their emails, even if they don’t open all of them. This means that email marketing is a great way for businesses to get cozy with current, potential, and even former customers.

Getting someone’s email address opens up a lot of options, from newsletters to advertising opportunities. Just make sure you get consent before you start sending anything!

Text Marketing

Texting is now a major form of communication, so why shouldn’t it be an essential marketing strategy as well? Not only can businesses capitalize on a competitive edge by using SMS marketing, but they can also gain direct access to customers by harnessing the power of instant notifications. Businesses are using texts to send special offers, abandoned cart notices, and more to customers—and are seeing great results.

Brand Storytelling Using Data

Data is key for modern businesses. But it isn’t limited to simply strategizing—it can also be used in brand storytelling to emphasize important concepts.

Creating data visualizations and intertwining them with a brand’s story is a powerful way to connect and drive home the value they provide to customers and clients. It’s a great way to communicate complex topics in a relatable way that helps customers engage with the brand and builds a positive image.

Efficient Project Management for Your Marketing Strategies – KPIs for Your Team

Testing out these strategies is only beneficial if you can track your progress effectively and give each strategy enough time to be effective before deciding to change tactics. Getting clear on the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your team is crucial for understanding which strategies are working for your business. Effective project management is just as important as great marketing campaigns!

Marketing is one of the most important activities for any business. Invest in it intelligently and go in with a clear strategy so you can gain the full benefits of these marketing channels!