Artificial intelligence technology offers unlimited opportunities for online trade. Its tools can be very helpful for making purchasing decisions and have been gaining ground in the last few years. As such, more and more consumers prefer to shop without having to interact with any third parties and use a purchasing process managed by artificial intelligence.

To make the most of all these improvements when implementing the design and management of an online store, it can be useful to offer a search engine to simplify the shopping experience – for both the consumer and the seller. Among some of the best options available, you’ll find a specialist in site search engines with artificial-intelligence technology, which offers a range of great products for improving the functioning and productivity of an online store.

Features of the Doofinder intelligent search engine

The Doofinder site search engine with artificial-intelligence technology offers a series of features that make it one of the most interesting e-commerce tools. Its most noteworthy advantages include:

  • It is a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use tool. It offers a means of optimising both the user search experience and sales for an online store.
  • It includes autocomplete features, going above and beyond in user searches and simplifying the shopping experience by making it quicker and more intuitive. Users will find what they’re looking for immediately and with personalised results.
  • It also promotes other products within the search results, transforming the search engine into a powerful sales tool.
  • It features the option for voice search from mobile devices thanks to the Mobile & Voice Search This is an effective, rapid and 100% responsive tool.
  • It also offers other marketing features such as banners, promotions and boosting, as well as real-time statistics to be able to analyse searches and increase sales conversion rates.
  • Intelligent searching thanks to NLP technology, offering synonyms and filtering possible spelling mistakes.
  • Filters can be applied when searching, narrowing down searches by colour, price, brand, or size, etc.
  • Visual search, or image search, which allows the buyer to search for products by uploading photos from their device.
  • It also allows for geolocalised and multi-index searches, searching for a range of content at the same time and determining the customer’s location in order to offer more relevant results.

Discover how to increase your sales with Doofinder

You’ll discover a whole host of advantages with Doofinder. Its intelligent search engine is a unique tool for increasing sales and making the search process easier and more intuitive, while significantly boosting your chances of making sales.

You can try Doofinder out for free with a 30-day trial and discover how this company truly delivers everything it promises. This company is already a leading name within the world of e-commerce, allowing its customers to truly take control of their businesses easily and intuitively.

Doofinder includes all the necessary features to bring success to your online store and offers approachable and functional technical support. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure the success that your online store deserves!