Before a customer can engage with you and buy a product or service, they need to be aware of your brand. If no-one knows about your company, you’ll never be able to build a customer base, which is why improving your brand’s visibility is essential for success. To start acquiring new customers and increasing your profits, take a look at these five easy ways to make your brand more visible:

1. Upgrade Your SEO Strategy

Telling people your URL isn’t an effective way to drive traffic to your website. More than two thirds of online experiences start with a search engine, so it’s vital to focus on your SEO strategy. When your site ranks highly for related keywords, you’ll see a spike in targeted traffic reaching your website.  However, this isn’t the only metric that will see a positive jump.

When you choose the right keywords, you can ensure that the traffic you gain consists of users who are actively looking to make a related purchase or engage with a company. This means you’ll find it easier to optimize your conversion rate when you have a first-class SEO strategy in place.

2. Be Active on Social Media

With so many platforms to choose from, it can be tricky to know which sites to focus on. However, social media is second-to-none when it comes to increasing brand awareness. There are plenty of studies out there that confirm which platforms are most popular within specific demographics. Simply find out which social media sites your target audience use most frequently, and you’ll have a good idea of where to focus your resources.

3. Use Varied Content

If you want your brand to be more visible, vary the type of content you’re using. While blog posts and articles are extremely effective tools, videos, images, infographics and eBooks can help to capture the interest of a wider audience. Furthermore, publishing different types of content allows you to leverage the reach of alternative platforms. When you begin making video content, for example, you can increase brand visibility on major sites like YouTube.

4. Target Local Customers

If your company has bricks and mortar premises, you’ll want to factor local marketing into your strategy. This can be done online, using tools, such as local SEO, or offline, using billboards, posters, flyers and events. When you combine online and offline marketing, it allows you to maximize results and increase awareness across a wide demographic.

5. Forge Partnerships

Partnering with another business allows you direct access to their customer base and target audience. By choosing to partner with a company that complements your own, but isn’t in competition, you can gain the interest of their existing clientele and vice versa. With a strategic approach, corporate partnerships can be lucrative for all parties involved.

What to Do with Brand Visibility

Making sure your target audience is aware of your brand is the first step to acquiring new customers, but it doesn’t stop there. Now that people are aware of your brand, you’ll need to ensure that they associated you with positive attributes, such as reliability and authenticity. With strategic branding and effective marketing, you can ensure your increased visibility leads to significant financial gains.