American Marketing Association hosted a TikTok coffee break, where Raechel Cihlar from Mavrck shared insights on the trending social media app. TikTok is a video sharing app that is quickly becoming one of the most popular apps in the world.

TikTok Stats

  • 800 million monthly active users worldwide
  • 69% of users in the US are between the ages of 12-24; 39% of users are 25-34
  • Due to the pandemic, in April 2020, 11 million millennials joined TikTok
  • Top Brand Categories
    • Fashion & Retail
    • Beauty & Health/Wellness
    • Food & Beverage
    • Sporting & Entertainment Industry
  • Top Emerging Brand Categories
    • Home Décor, Gardening, DIY
    • Fitness
    • Services (financial, automotive, etc.)
    • #BeanTikTok (the humorous side of TikTok)

New to TikTok

  1. New Advertising Opportunities
  2. TikTok for Business
  3. Advertisers can target specific audiences

Why is TikTok so Popular?

Birthplace for Viral Content

TikTok offers high potential for rapidly spreading viral videos and maximum brand exposure.

Content is Highly Engaging

Did you know that our attention span is 8 seconds? Therefore, with a continuous feed of 15-second, platform-curated content, TikTok makes creating, editing, and consuming short-form video extremely easy and addictive.

Feed Leverages AI Algorithm

TikTok’s AI optimizes based off of what you have engaged with.

How Does TikTok Work?

Creators gain serious traction by posting a funny, impressive, or creative vide that is often most successful when associated with a trending hashtag, challenge, or sound.

The Algorithm

1. The User

Your account settings and interactions play a huge role on how you will show up on someone’s for you page (fyp).

2. The Video

Try to use a trending hashtag or sound. Be creative when creating your video and text description.

3. No for you page (fyp) will look the same.


1. Sound should not be an afterthought.

How can the sound set your brand?

2. Build a movement

Build your brand experience, while being up to date with the trends.

3. Innovate

Don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter by creating new challenges or new sounds.

Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Sprout Social describes influencer marketing as a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche.

Influencers are slowly showing up on TikTok because there are more opportunities for these brands and influencers.

Influencer Quality Content

  • Empowers creative freedom and fun
  • Feels authentic and native to TikTok
  • Celebrates imperfection and relatability
  • Is somewhat raw and not overly-produced
  • Pushes imagination and innovation

Defining Your Brand Voice

Create Your Brand Page

Do you have a page on TikTok? If not, create an account before collaborating with influencers on TikTok. Make sure to link your website and social media accounts to your TikTok account.

Custom Sounds

TikTok is all about sound and how content is created from those sounds. Brands who embrace participating in these custom sounds and create their own will benefit from the sound discovery.

Music Listening

When brands work with verified creators, they will have the option to use Promo+ Playlist. Promo+ Playlist is great for brand safety.

Influencer Partnership

Once your account is live, grow your brand’s presence by partnering with collaborators. Find creators that align with your brand’s values.

Community Engagement

It is important for brands to authentically show up on TikTok. To grow engagement, participate in trends, comment on videos, and follow consumers and creators alike.

Examples of Successful Brands


Dunkin collaborated with Charli D’Armelio, a popular creator on TikTok. They created a drink called The Charli, and Dunkin even did a giveaway for her fans by using #CharliXDunkinContest.


Chipotle started with challenges that was created by an employee. If you used the #lidflipchallenge, you received free delivery. There was more than 110,000 videos submitted, and the rest is history for Chipotle on this growing app.


Mucinex started a hashtag and dance challenge that promoted their new cough medicine. This hashtag (#TooSickToBeSick) has nearly 600M views.

TikTok Do’s

  • Create your brief for TikTok specifically.
  • Create challenges or campaign concerts that are simple and leave a lot of room for creativity.
  • Base campaigns off culturally-relevant topics.
  • Do work with creators that match your brand’s voice, tone, and values.
  • Have fun.

TikTok Don’ts

  • Don’t stifle creative freedom.
  • Don’t focus on sales or conversion with an organic campaign and partnerships.
  • Don’t be too rigid with planning.
  • Don’t think of TikTok as a one-off tactic.

How to be a Trendsetter

1. Establish Goals

Align the brand’s goal with their presence on TikTok.

2. Set a Budget

Establish the budget for influencer incentives based on size and scale of the desired campaign.

3. Select Influencers

Find influencers by searching relevant hashtags that align with your brand’s values.

4. Create Content

Activate influencers to create content assets within the timeline and marketing objectives.

5. Brand Videos

Transfer the rights-approved IGC over to the brand to post on their own TikTok accounts.

6. Measure Results

Measure IGC and performance from influencers participating in the campaign. Some other things to measure are awareness, engagement, and content creation.

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