outsource digital marketing

A constant question that is asked in business is whether you’re going to outsource or in-source certain tasks or departments. As it turns out,  34% of businesses choose to specifically outsource their digital marketing needs, according to Clutch. With so many brands choosing to work with marketing consultancy firms, it is worth wondering what benefits exist and how they might be able to further grow your own business.

Up-To-Date Market Knowledge

56% of consumers firmly believe that businesses need to have a stronger understanding of their needs, according to Marketo Engagement Gap. To do that, your brand needs to be aware of the latest trends and apply them accordingly. This requires an up-to-date understanding of the market and consumers. This is the knowledge that marketing consultancy firms are required to have in order to be relevant and competitive. That is the necessary knowledge that you and your brand can tap into if you choose to work with them.

Increased Conversion Rate

An estimated 90% of consumers haven’t made up their minds yet about a brand when visiting its website, according to Status Labs. For your business to thrive, it needs to convert passive or undecided consumers into active ones. The trouble is, many business websites fail the basics of securing conversion as they do not optimize for it, says Neon Ambition. When you work with a digital marketing consultancy firm, they can help you optimize your sites to increase your overall conversion rates. They can help revamp your websites to have better layouts or calls to action that truly work.

Fresh Perspectives

A common issue within in-house marketing talent is that ideas can become stale and repetitive. If your brand wishes to make a continued impact on the market, it needs new ideas that come from fresh perspectives. Digital marketing consultancy firms make it a point to put together teams that are tried and tested in providing unique perspectives. Your brand can benefit by using those fresh perspectives to jumpstart a new campaign that further boosts brand awareness and customer loyalties.

Additional Networking Opportunities

The realm of business is constantly in flux, and it’s therefore critical that you keep up with the changes. You can boost your brand’s stability by reaching out to other brands and networking. If you find that your networking pool has gone dry, a digital marketing consultancy firm can help. They have a wide pool of contacts that can help you in future endeavors. Rather than asking them for specific contacts, you can tap into their previous projects for ideas on who to approach for certain tasks. You can also use their networks to address your brand’s digital marketing needs.

When you’ve got a business, it is critical that you are aware of any limitations that the in-house talent may have. Knowing what can improve your brand is critical to its continued success. Don’t forget what the potential perks of working with a digital marketing consultancy firm are so you can fully enjoy them in the future.