People are Googling your business. And while this may seem like an obvious statement, it brings up the topic of how your business is being promoted on digital platforms. Marketing has moved fast and furiously into the digital space. It has seen rapid growth and development with an expected 2 billion online shoppers by 2020.

Maybe your organization was an early adopter of some strategies or maybe not. Regardless, many businesses today, yours included, probably have a Facebook page or LinkedIn Company profile, some offering on a digital channel in addition to your website. For many organizations though, digital efforts may have begun as a one-off endeavor – the boss asks why the company isn’t on Pinterest and low-and-behold the next day you’ve become a champion Pinner.

If over the past several years, your company has taken this approach it means there may be digital channels that aren’t promoting your business with unified, branded messaging that clearly supports your values and goals. So your digital footprint may not be what you think it is.

Google Your Company Name

And today, your online reputation is really built upon these digital platforms. So that’s why it worthwhile to spend some time and check-up on the “digital you”. You can begin by Googling your company name and seeing what shows up on page one and two. While you’re at it, Google your company owner’s name and the keywords that relate to your business.  

On these two pages every, or almost every entry should be owned by you or directly related to you. You’re probably seeing your ratings on Yelp and Glassdoor. If they aren’t what you expected, is there action that needs to be taken by you? Have you responded to any negative comments on Yelp and appropriately addressed customers’ concerns? Taking a look through the comments on Glassdoor left by former or current employees — determine if they are positive and reflective of your organization’s commitment to its people and products and services.

Just as a side note here, remember reviews need to be handled in a timely manner. Responding quickly and authentically helps build trust with your customers and keeps them engaged with your company. And because reviews have such an impact on your brand visibility, it’s worthwhile to take a centralized approach to generating and posting reviews. House the reviews on your website, so you own the content. This actually helps in your Google rankings.

Evaluate & Respond To Social Media Posts

Next, you need to review your social media channels. Take an audit of posts, likes, pins, etc. You’re looking at this information to determine if the messaging reflects your current marketing strategy and just like company reviews, if there are any comments in need of a response. If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn will require special attention to ensure your business has a complete profile and is utilizing many of the features that make this social media channel a robust platform for lead gen and brand awareness.

Tell Your Brand Story on Your Website

Lastly, your digital anchor, your company website, needs to be doing a multitude of things for your business. You need to start on the homepage and establish if users clearly know what you want them to do. If users flounder on your site, they’re likely to leave it or bounce pretty quickly from it. Your website is also one the easiest places to tell your brand story. Your About Us page needs to be up-to-date and telling your story, information cannot be irrelevant and stale. Websites are often their own separate project, but this initial review should be the catalyst for changes that stem into the wireframe for a redesign.

What you are trying to prevent is your “digital you” just happening by default. While you are probably using digital marketing tactics, some channels may not reflect the true experience of your company. The digital space is so large today that it can often lead to an uncontrolled atmosphere that is rendering your online presence more to chance than by design. Reign in your efforts with an initial audit and then take the necessary steps to curate the positive reputation that your company deserves. Modern Marketing Partners understands digital marketing, we’re ready to help you strategically develop a positive digital footprint.