One of the oldest social media platforms is also one of the most consistently evolving. Sure, Facebook’s ideas aren’t always original, and sometimes blatantly rip off other networks, like Instagram and Facebook Stories, a counterpart to Snapchat. However, sometimes they are the first to pioneer some really industry-changing updates. Here are some of the most important changes to Facebook during 2018 – crucial for any social media marketer to be aware of.

No Overlaps

Previously, the profile photo overlapped the cover photo on a Business page. This is no longer the case. For some, no change is required. For others who played with the overlapping, it may be time to change either/both of your profile and cover photos.

It’s not just the photos that no longer overlap: like, message, and share buttons have been moved beneath the cover photo. Your cover photo will truly get a chance to shine with no overlapping distractions.

Include A Call To Action

All pages now have a prominent blue CTA button. Your business is able to customize the message and link, encouraging potential buyers to do what you want them to do.

Keeping Tabs on Facebook

Tabs on Facebook are now more prominent than ever, so make sure to arrange tabs in the most effective way possible. The more important, the earlier it should be in the tabs display. To reorder, click the “Manage Tabs” button at the bottom of the tab list, then drag and drop. Default tabs cannot be removed.

Changes to the “Sections” Portion of Your Facebook Business Page

Nothing earth-shattering happened here, however, they are now showing on the right side. It may be time to review your “Sections” portion. Make sure all relevant information is correct and showing. Look at the order of the sections and adjust, if needed.

Search Posts

Remember that post your business made in May of 2013? No one wants to scroll through years of posts just to see one of them. This is why search is so useful. Find that favorite post within seconds.

Reviews Front and Center

Facebook is making reviews more prominent than ever. It’s never been more important to encourage happy customers to review. Also, be sure to respond to every review, good and bad; potential customers are watching.

Impress the Locals

Facebook is now borrowing from its Local app, displaying local businesses and events to Facebook users. Increase brand exposure by using keywords throughout your Business page, making it more likely to come up in Local guides.

View Your Page As Visitor

Make sure everything looks right on your page by viewing as a visitor. If everything looks right, you’re all set. Congratulations on being proactive on 2018’s biggest Facebook changes!

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