Last month, Google announced Image Badges. On mobile searches, Google Image Search will now display relevant badges/labels on images to indicate that an image leads to a product page.

Badges appear in the lefthand corner of the image based on the category and where more in-depth information is available. Some examples include products, recipes, videos, GIFs, and more.

Google Image Badge: Product

Here is an example of the new Product Image Badge for the query “men’s t-shirts”.

Google Image Badge Product

If you click on an image with the product badge, you can see some more in-depth about the product including its name, image, price, and availability. See the example below which includes a look at how each result appears.

Without Google Image Product Badge

Without Google Image Product Badge

With Google Image Product Badge

With Google Image Product Badge

How Do I Get the Product Image Badge?

To ensure that product image badges appear on your products, use structured data markup! We will discuss some tips for adding to your ecommerce site below.

While markup won’t guarantee a product badge will appear on your images, Google says it will “increase the chance”. Currently badges are appearing in in Image Search on mobile devices only, with desktop a potential down the road.

Adding Product Markup to Your Ecommerce Website

Structured Data helps search engines understand information about the products you sell.  In addition, it can help your ecommerce website stand out in search results and increase click through rates.

Therefore, it is critical for ecommerce site owners to add markup to your product pages so Google can provide detailed product information in rich Search results — including Image Search. Users can see price, availability, and review ratings right on Search results.

For more information, visit or

Some ecommerce solutions do have product markup built in, while others don’t, so be sure to test or validate your product pages by running the URL through Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.


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