Google AdWords has recently announced two great new features that you can start using immediately: upgraded URLs and dynamic structured snippets.

AdWords Upgraded URLs

Last week Google announced what they are calling “upgraded URLs” for advertisers. Unlike destination URLs, the landing page URL and the tracking parameters for the the destination URL will be treated separately.

This is great news for advertisers who historically may have been hesitant to update their Destination URLs because it sent ads into editorial review, so they would stop running during this time and information tied to the old URL was lost.

How to Use Upgraded URLs

1. Define your landing page in the new “Final URL” field.

Adwords Landing Page Final URL

Note: Final URLs should match the domain of your display URL or your ad might not be approved.

2. Now, manage your tracking and redirect information under Ad URL options (advanced).

AdWords tracking template

Follow the process above for new ads your create in AdWords. However, you can upgrade existing destination URLs.

What do I do if I use URL tracking?

To take advantage of Upgraded URLs, you may need to make some updates depending on whether or not you use URL tracking.

If you currently use URL tracking, you should upgrade your URLs before July 1st. Otherwise, they will be automatically updated in July. For more information, read a guide how to upgrade your URLs.

If you don’t use URL tracking, your URLs will be automatically upgraded in July by copying your destination URLs to the new final URL field mentioned above.

Takeaway: Now you enter the landing page portion of your URL and your tracking information seperately. And you have the option to update your tracking information at your account, campaign, or ad group without having to re-set your ad stats (or send your ad into editorial review)

View full announcement.

Dynamic Structured Snippets

Last week Google announced a new ad format named dynamic structured snippets.

Dynamic structured snippets is additional text that will automatically* appear with your search ads. These snippets will highlight industry-specific, structured information about the advertiser’s products or services.

Here is an example of what a dynamic structured snippet looks like:

Dynamic Structured Snippets

Via Google

For now, dynamic structured snippets are only configured to show for hotel, retail, and flight queries. However, Google plans to add more verticals this year.

At this time, you can expect to see this new feature on desktop and tablet searches.

*You can opt out of them here.


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