Paid Search

If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marathon, then Paid Search, often referred to as Pay-Per-Click or PPC, is a sprint. If you’re looking for immediate increase in web traffic, then Paid Search is for you.

Modern Marketing Partners has managed paid search campaigns from $100 to $100,000, driving profitable traffic to our client’s websites. From keywords to consider, quality score, bids, landing pages, analytics, we can help you launch and manage a paid search campaign from start to finish.

What is Paid Search?

Paid search, also known as pay per click (PPC), refers to when advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. Paid advertisements typically appear at the top and on the right hand side of a SERP result page (see image below). Paid search results are served according to the keywords used by the search engine user.

Paid Search Example

Using paid search, or PPC, can be a powerful search strategy while you are in the process of building your organic search. Also, paid search can be extremely flexible, targeted, and measurable.

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