Here it comes again, another algorithm update that will have a profound impact on web rankings.  That is, of course, if you are either the best of the best or the worst of the worst in content creation.  For the best, you will see a boost in search due to providing quality and timely content.  For the worst, low quality content will be the downfall of your company, or at least your search rankings. What can you expect? How can you recover? How do you avoid taking an eBay sized hit?

What is Panda 4.0?

Google’s Panda algorithm is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results.  Google told Search Engine Land that Panda 4.0 affects different languages to different degrees. In English for example, the impact is roughly 7.5% of queries that are affected to a degree that a regular user might notice.

Panda, in and of itself is built to differentiate high and low quality websites.  What makes for a high-quality website? Thanks to a recent Forbes Article on Panda 4.0, it clarifies the value of a high-quality site.  Major ideas are as follows:

  • Would you trust the information presented in this article?
  • Are the topics driven by genuine interests of readers of the site, or does the site generate content by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines?
  • Does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?

In total, Google wants users to have the best possible solution as quickly as possible.  In essence, they want value, trust, originality, built for search engines (and people), and comprehensiveness.  Further, the search giant uses the same tactics you should use to determine your SEO and Content Marketing Success:

  • Inbound Links
  • User Signals
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Time on Site
  • First Page Bounce Rate

All of this can be viewed in Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics, both acceptable for finding out key metrics including user flow, acquisition, bounce rates, and much more.

Winners and Losers of Panda 4.0

Who gained search rankings as a result of Panda 4.0? Who lost ground? Thanks to a recent post in Searchmetrics, a search analysis company, they looked at the biggest gainers and losers of visibility on Google.

Winner Gain Loser Loss +100% -50% +500% -33% +500% -33% +500% -33% +250% -33% +250% -50% +250% -50% +250% -50% +250% -50% +250% -50%


For the full list, head over to Searchmetrics to see other major winners and losers of Panda 4.0.

Succeeding in Panda 4.0

Since the dawn of Panda, the key focus has always been original quality content. No matter how you write, understand that the value of quality over quantity is increasing, and you need to know what to do for SEO.  ShoutMeLoud, a community of bloggers, has 5 tips for succeeding in a Google Panda world:

  1. Niche Content
  2. Navigation
  3. Quality, not Quantity
  4. Relevant and High-Quality Backlinks
  5. Build Social Media Relationships

What’s next for your Search Engine Optimization? How are you going to focus on high quality content while still fueling your content machine? This is where you need a plan.  Succeeding in Panda 4.0, just like succeeding in any content marketing or search engine optimization strategy, requires a highly driven editorial calendar that allows you to build your influence and credibility as an expert to both Google and users.  In essence, here are 6 great ways to rebuild or benefit under Panda:

  • Create a Plan: Build an editorial calendar that will allow you to know what you should post and when you should post it.
  • Develop and Implement a Content Process: Anywhere from taking on a new employee to hiring an outside firm, you need someone to effectively implement your content marketing and SEO strategy.
  • Build an Authentic Brand: Who knows the topics better than you? Why should you steal other people’s (possibly competitors) work? Share your expertise with your customers.
  • Be Careful with whom you work: If someone can ‘Guarantee Page One’ within weeks or write an article for $5, you will not enjoy the results.  You are the expert, a credible marketing agency can act as the expert, but a questionably sourced marketer you found on Fiverr probably isn’t.  If you want to know about things to look for in a marketing agency, we offer a marketing agency selection guide free of charge.
  • Distribute: Don’t fail to recognize that you need a well-timed distribution strategy.  Part of your editorial calendar should include a documented list of distribution to build an avid following.  Content distribution through social media is a viable business need to build followers.
  • Capture and Convert: Lead generation, social media, and customer development all tie together.  As you distribute and create, understand that there are viable needs to create a funnel.

Get the most out of your content, get more out of your SEO, and build your business. All part of a long term strategy, this is an area in which Modern Marketing Partners, a Naperville Marketing Agency, specializes. Follow us on Twitter, Join us on LinkedIn, and contact us to improve your B2B marketing strategy.

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