What happens when a leading health service provider achieves rapid growth?  The team needed to attain a new image in order to continue meeting strategic brand goals.  This is why Modern Marketing Partners (MMP) offered assistance and consulting to Concentra Health in Logo Design and Graphic Imagery.  Read more to learn about the challenges, solutions, and results.

Challenge: A leading healthcare cost containment service provider, Concentra grew rapidly through both acquisition and organic. As a division of Concentra Medical Centers, and after entering the healthcare provider network, messaging and branding required a refresh.

Solution:  After careful planning and analysis, Modern Marketing Partners found the following solutions for Concentra: a new logo and graphic identity created and implemented in digital, print and signage, reinforcing a clinical and professional image. The new brand was launched with advertising and publicity. Uniformity of brand image and presentation was supported by established identity guidelines.

Results: Concentra rolled out its new identity quickly and effectively with complete digital and print marketing assets, from websites to brochures, business cards and signage. The program was recognized with multiple, national awards for marketing excellence. Importantly, marketing initiatives supported consistent double-digit growth.

Concentra Brand Collateral

Download and view the Full Concentra Brand Image Case Study PDF

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