A great example of the power of Inbound Marketing to achieve measurable results is the launch of the Construction Marketing Association (CMA). Established in January of 2010, CMA employed a comprehensive Inbound Marketing program to build awareness, drive memberships, and launch such initiatives as the STAR Awards, professional certification, and a career center

Like all successful Inbound Marketing, a search-optimized website was foundational, coupled with extensive and relevant content. An award-winning blog and integrated social media profiles distribute content and communications. Frequent webcasts and white papers reinforce thought leadership.

The CMA inbound marketing campaign was recognized for the following awards:

  • Communicator 2011 Silver CMA Social
  • Communicator 2011 Silver CMA Blog
  • Hermes 2011 CMA Blog

Below is a snapshot of the website, blog, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter profiles for the CMA:

Inbound Marketing for CMA

Results from Inbound Marketing:

Growing memberships, e-commerce sales, website traffic, registrations through multiple offers, and importantly excellent search authority across a wide range of topics.

The red numbers shown on the CMA’s website below indicate various search optimization techniques and social media integrations.

      1. Page Title (comes up in search and says: Home – The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) )
      2. URL structure (contains keywords construction, marketing and association)
      3. Member registration (membership program)
      4. eNews registration (to sign up for quarterly e-newsletter)
      5. Image ALT tags (make images indexable by search engines)
      6. Social Profile Links
SEO Examples

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