Inbound Marketing is hugely popular thanks to the tireless efforts of marketing automation software publishers including Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot, each with a different spin on what constitutes effective Inbound Marketing. Still, each of these sources is selling software, so there is clear bias for Inbound Marketing, and bias against many Traditional or Outbound Marketing techniques. In some cases, this bias is so exaggerated, that it borders on conspiracy!

Now that we have your attention, consider a recent study by Hubspot (The State of Inbound Marketing in 2012) that compares Inbound to Traditional or Outbound marketing, identifying lower costs and greater effectiveness of Inbound. The conspiracy? Hubspot defines Outbound marketing as trade shows, direct mail and telemarketing. Ok, what about advertising and PR? What about email and brochures for sales staff?

No question, the marketing mix has has significantly changed, shifted, and evolved from traditional marketing to Internet-centric approaches. But are marketers eliminating advertising, PR, trade shows, email and replacing with inbound marketing? Not even close. Sure small companies that never did marketing might only implement Inbound marketing, but most brands active in marketing employ a full complement of marketing elements and approaches.

Here in the unbiased, objective halls of the Modern Marketing University (MMU), we put forth a new theory of effective, best-practice marketing. A marketing mix that is multi-disciplined with a consistent brand identity and message. Outbound Marketing integrating seamlessly with Inbound Marketing, and more measurable than ever before.

We call it Integrated Inbound™ Marketing, and we illustrate the components and inter-relationships via the Inbound/Outbound Marketing™ Process Infographic, below. By clicking on the infographic, you can view it larger and zoom in.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing 2018

No question, a search-optimized website is foundational to success. Relevant and educational content is the fuel for Inbound Marketing lead generation. Blogging and social media are growing in importance as communications channels. But advertising, PR, email, trade shows and events and other traditional marketing have a role in overall success. Outbound marketing can make Inbound marketing more successful!

As always, there are marketing synergies to be had with a integrated marketing program. And the way we measure marketing results can be multi-faceted. Below, is our How to Measure Marketing Infographic with distinct measures and lead sources for traditional marketing, internet and social media.

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