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In previous blogs, we have discussed the many advantages personalization presents to businesses. But the past few months have revealed the very real and dark side of personalization. The election season brought about complaints of fake news on sites like Facebook and Google. Even the president complained about this issue. (in a very different context). One of the reasons Facebook acted cautiously in filtering out fake news was to avoid being too disproportionally left-leaning. Although fake news stories often had right-leanings, supporters on both sides read and believed articles with little to no truth to them. The fake news trend displays a relationship with personalization. Personalization can be extremely effective. But when it comes to information, it can have some severe drawbacks, as David Siegel pointed out ...

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Why You Should Use Personalized Marketing – And How to Implement It image

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Cocktail party etiquette is a good rule-of-thumb when establishing a personalized marketing plan. In this personalized marketing sequel we go a little more in-depth. We’ll note the benefits and statistics that back this strategy up, as well as some important do’s and don’ts of personalized marketing. Statistics The proof is in the numbers. Personalized marketing has great potential for greater conversion and revenue for your business. Some stats: 74% of businesses that implemented personalized marketing saw an increase in sales. 61% of those also saw an increase in profit. 55% saw an increase in loyalty. Email open rates are 29% higher when content is personalized. Personalized emails also receive 41% greater click-through rates. Despite all these stats, 71% of companies don’t personalize ...

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At a cocktail party, you’re sure to participate in several conversations. You’ll tune in and out, remembering little (if any) from most, but then someone says something that actually interests you, and that conversation will receive your full attention. Good marketing is no different – prospects will listen to you if you talk about what they care about. Appealing to your customers’ and potential customers’ interests is easier than it’s ever been, thanks to smartphones and better access to personal data (interests, name, location). With this information, marketers can create promotions for the segment-of-one, and automate it in relatively easy ways. This type of targeting better offers the consumer products, in the perfect place (think of GPS-enabled smartphones), at the ...

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