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Pardot Custom Prospect Fields

Pardot includes a number of default fields for prospects: First Name Last Name Email Company Website Job Title Department Country Address One Address Two City State Territory Zip Phone Fax Source Annual Revenue Employees Industry Do Not Email Do Not Call Years in Business Comments Saluation Opted Out The fields listed above cover some of the most common information people capture about their prospects. But, what if you need to collect or store information about prospects that is not in the list above? You can create your own custom prospect fields! In this blog we will show you how. Adding Custom Prospect Fields We have encountered many clients that need to collect or store additional information about their prospects depending on their ...

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How to Create a Form With Email Autoresponder in Pardot image

Pardot Form With Autoresponder

In our example we will be creating a form for a download - like a whitepaper, guide, or eBook - where the visitor will fill out the form and then automatically receive an email that includes a link to view. You can apply this setup to virtually any Pardot form you need an autoresponder email for, just modify the email content to fit your needs. Create Pardot Autoresponder Email 1) Go to Marketing > Email > Templates. Click + Add Email Template 2) Add your template information including name, tags (optional), folder, campaign, etc.  The key here is to make you have Autoresponder emails selected at the bottom under 'Available For'. 3) Select from available basic layouts, or use one of your own.  4) Edit ...

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