As of Monday, November 19, Modern Marketing Partners announces its new Association Marketing Practice. which includes marketing services for professional and non-profit associations on a subscription fee basis.

The Association Marketing packages will include Member Engagement, Digital Marketing Excellence, Training and Recognition programs, Event Promotion, Communities and Forums, and Sponsor Management. These packages may be customized based on the specific requirements of the association.

MMP’s experience marketing associations include the Healthcare Trends Institute, the CFO Alliance, the Small Business Expo and the Small Business Education Center, the Construction Marketing Association, and more.

According to Neil Brown, CMO of MMP:

“Marketing is changing rapidly, and many associations have not been able to keep up with all the new marketing skills and technologies available that can achieve measurable and profound results. Modern Marketing Partners has packaged association marketing services for both affordability and success.”

Associations can request a complimentary Association Marketing Assessment by contacting Modern Marketing Partners at 630-868-5061. More information is available on MMP’s Association Marketing webpage.