In the unlikely event that you haven’t noticed, there are quite a few businesses operating online these days. Indeed, it’s become imperative for companies of all types to establish and maintain internet presences: those that don’t appear online might as well not exist for many of their potential customers.

And when it comes to making a mark online, social media continues to play a critical role. It provides companies with platforms through which they can connect with their audiences on a deeper level and shine a light on their products and/or services. Increasing reach and engagement on social media platforms can significantly impact a business’s growth, making it essential to develop and implement an effective social media growth strategy. 

In this article, we’ll discuss five key approaches that businesses can use to enhance their reach on social media. Let’s get underway.

Post consistent and engaging content

Without doubt, one of the most effective ways to increase your reach on social media is by consistently sharing engaging content. This approach helps keep your audience interested, encourages them to share, and can attract new followers. 

First off, it’s crucial to maintain a regular posting schedule. Consistency is key, as sporadic posting may result in a loss of interest from your followers, but be aware that posting too often might irk some of them. Find a sweet spot that enables you to keep your followers engaged without you coming off as pushy or desperate. 

To keep your audience engaged, it’s important to diversify your content by experimenting with various formats, such as videos, infographics, polls, live streams, and so on. Bear in mind that visual content tends to receive the most engagement — image-based Facebook posts generate 2.3x more engagement than those without images, for example — so you should prioritize visuals over blocks of text; when you do include written copy, keep it snappy and to the point. 

User-generated content (UGC) can also serve as a potent tool in increasing your social media reach, helping to create a sense of community and also providing social proof. Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your products or services — whether it’s a photo of a customer using your product or an excerpt from a glowing review or testimonial. Here are some great examples of social proof in action.

Explore new international markets

Growing your business’s reach on social media often involves expanding into international markets. This strategy can expose your brand to a larger audience, but it requires careful planning and adaptation to cater to different cultures, languages, and platform preferences. Cultural nuances play a significant role in how your content and messaging are received by international audiences, so it’s essential you adapt your content to respect local customs, traditions, and languages to avoid misunderstandings or offense. 

This is where hiring some local expertise can be beneficial, as an employee or contractor based in the country you’re expanding into will have knowledge of these nuances; Indonesia, for example, is home to over 300 different ethnic groups, so it will be challenging to adapt your messaging to this market without some local help: check out this guide to hiring in Indonesia from Remote.

Partnering with local influencers and businesses can also help you gain credibility and exposure within international markets. These partnerships can provide valuable insights into the local culture and audience preferences, enabling you to create more culturally-relevant and engaging content. 

It’s also important to consider that different regions may prefer specific social media platforms, so it’s crucial to adapt your strategy accordingly. In China, for example, access to popular Western social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is blocked, with apps like Weibo often being used instead.

Collaborate with influencers in your industry

Another effective way to expand your social media reach is by collaborating with influencers, exposing your brand to new audiences, and lending credibility to your products or services in the process. Social media influencers have established themselves as trusted voices in their respective niches, boasting a loyal following that values their opinions and recommendations: in fact, research shows that consumers are far more likely to trust influencer recommendations over branded content. You can reach out to a mass number of influencers via email sequence software that allows you to send automated emails and sms.

Partnering with influencers in your industry can help to forge that sense of trust through association. Of course, it’s important to latch onto influencers who are not only relevant to your niche, but also align with your brand’s values and target demographic. Once you’ve found an influencer you think can help grow your reach, collaborate with them on sponsored posts (Loomly has good tips covering this), product reviews, and giveaways.

Organizing events, giveaways, and contests in collaboration with influencers and other businesses is a great way to generate excitement and engagement among your social media followers. These activities can increase your reach by encouraging participants to share your content or tag friends, potentially attracting new followers. Be sure to set (and adhere to) clear guidelines for participation, and ensure that the contest or giveaway is relevant to your target audience.

Leverage social media advertising

Paid social media advertising can be an effective method for increasing your social reach by targeting specific demographics. Most social media platforms offer various advertising options, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. It’s important to understand that each platform — from Instagram to LinkedIn — has its unique set of tools and targeting options; some platforms may offer more precise targeting, for example, while others may have a broader reach.

One of the primary benefits of social media advertising is the ability to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This level of targeting allows you to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your products or services, likely resulting in more engaging — and crucially, more cost-effective — campaigns. Analyze your customer data to identify your target audience’s key characteristics and use this information to inform your targeting strategy.

Continually monitoring and analyzing your ad campaign’ performance is crucial for maximizing your return on investment (ROI). Most social media platforms provide detailed analytics on ad performance, enabling you to identify which ads are resonating with your audience and which ones require adjustments. Use these insights to optimize your campaigns, refining your targeting, messaging, and ad creatives to improve their effectiveness. Regularly testing different variables — using the Ad Experiments feature from Skai, for example, can help you identify the optimal combination of elements for your ads.

Engage with your community 

Actively engaging with your social media community is essential for building strong relationships with your audience and ultimately increasing your reach. By fostering a sense of connection, you can encourage your followers to share your content, contribute to discussions, and become devoted brand advocates.

Timely and thoughtful responses to comments and messages from your followers can strengthen your relationships with them and increase engagement. Acknowledge positive feedback, address questions or concerns, and show appreciation for their input. This level of engagement demonstrates that you value your audience’s opinions and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Invite your followers to engage with your content by posing questions or creating polls. The benefits here are two-fold: not only will this approach boost engagement, but it’ll also provide valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and opinions — information you can use to inform your content strategy and improve your products or services.

Where relevant, you should try to participate in industry-specific social media groups and discussions to establish your brand as an authoritative and knowledgeable voice within your niche. Sharing your expertise and engaging with others via these channels can help increase your visibility and attract new followers. Be genuine and assured in your interactions, but avoid overly-promotional behavior that could be perceived as spammy.

Increasing your reach on social media is an ongoing process that requires consistency, creativity, and adaptability. By producing engaging content, collaborating with influencers, expanding into international markets, leveraging social media advertising, and engaging with your community, you can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and growth. 

Remember that the key to success lies in continuous experimentation, learning from your audience, and optimizing your social media efforts to maximize engagement and reach. Embrace the dynamic nature of social media, and seize the opportunities it offers to take your business to new heights.