Video marketing is the quickest and most effective way to build brand credibility. People are more likely to be persuaded by video content, they’re more likely to pay attention, and they’re more likely to even give your message a chance. 

Moreover, video content is your ticket to trustworthiness in an era where written content will get more and more commonly accused of being written by AI.

Now, for any campaign to bear fruit, you must fulfill both quality and quantity quotas. Posting the best video ever made can make you go viral, but if you don’t make a follow-up with more content, people will quickly lose interest. The online world is saturated with content, so people are unlikely to constantly check in on new creators and businesses.

If you are to upload videos regularly, send them in emails, and post them on your social media profiles, you’ll have to dedicate hours and hours of work. With the help of automation, you can cut this significantly shorter. 

Like always, the right tools can help make or break your business. With that in mind, here’s how ActiveCampaign and similar platforms can help enhance your video marketing through automation


1. Email video marketing with ActiveCampaign and alternatives

Email marketing is still one of the most potent forms of digital marketing. Coincidentally, it’s one of the tasks getting automated the most with ActiveCampaign. While some still consider traditional (manual) email more effective, this can only be true on an individual email basis. However, when it comes to numbers, it’s not even close.

With ActiveCampaign, you can send 25,000 emails per day in the first week, 50,000 in the second, 75,000 in the third, and 100,000 per day in the fourth. With a good email marketer sending emails manually (with a decent template and minimal automation), you’re lucky if you manage to send several hundred per day. 

Even with quality, it’s hard to tell what’s what. With modern AI-assisted tools, passing a Turing test is getting harder and harder. Moreover, people often underestimate the potency of automated template customization

According to some surveys, attaching a video in an email can boost your CTR by as much as 200-300%. In fact, by just using the word video in the subject line, you can increase the open rate by 19%. Now, a percentage may sound impressive, but the sample’s size determines its practical value. This much of an increase in the numbers provided by ActiveCampaign automation is a game-changer. 

Even conservative estimates speculate that you earn $44 for every $1 you invest in email marketing. This is an ROI of 4400%. By automating and optimizing your marketing efforts, you can drive these (already high numbers) way higher.

Also, 90% of users say that videos help them make a purchase decision, so you’re looking at a direct revenue boost. 

Of course, these email marketing automation perks aren’t exclusive to ActiveCampaign. There are many ActiveCampaign platform alternatives worth exploring. 


2. Using video block for your landing page

Regardless of where you decide to promote your business, all paths lead to your landing page. Here, they will either stay (prolong your average visit duration) or leave (increase your bounce rate). Both of these can be affected by a video.

According to some surveys, the conversion rate can increase by 86% if a landing page has a video. Regardless of what you want to showcase, doing this with a video is more effective. 

Video block is probably the simplest way to add videos to any pages you’ve created. With ActiveCampaign, you can do this by placing the video’s embedded code into the block code editor. 

The process is fairly simple:

  • You drag the “video” block onto your page layout. This is the slot where the video will be displayed, so you must pick the right spot.
  • Next, you must go to the video you want to upload. Once you’ve done that, you need to locate the embedded code of the video. 
  • Third, return to the ActiveCampaign account and replace the sample code with the embedded code
  • Finally, you click the checkmark button on the top right.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added a video to your landing page. 

As you can see, this is a simple process that probably won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. So, why don’t more people do this? They’re probably intimidated by the idea that they’re too resource hungry. Instead, they go with images or animation. While there was some truth to this argument in the past, this is no longer so. Objectively speaking, there are no reasons to avoid adding videos to your landing page

3. Social media marketing 

ActiveCampaign has support for so many different social media platforms. Everything from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to LinkedIn and Slack can be integrated with ActiveCampaign. The problem is that a modern business needs to be active on quite a few of these networks to stay relevant and avoid missing out on leads.

The problem is that this is difficult to do past a certain point. Having a dozen social media profiles and daily posting on each is far from simple. Fortunately, you can always use online tools to scale your business. For instance, you can integrate a tool like MeetEdgar to schedule your social media posts.

This is so important because different platforms have different perfect times of engagement. Posting on Instagram on Sunday morning is not the same thing as posting Wednesday midday. Now, keeping track of the best time to post can be difficult. However, if you set up a schedule and a platform to post when the time is right, you’re already skipping the most challenging part.

One more thing worth mentioning is that you may have an international audience. This means that your following consists of people in different time zones. So, you want to either find a window of opportunity to get a decent engagement with as many of them as possible or prioritize one market over others. Either way, this is a task that you’ll need to automate.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are too many video formats. Reels and stories are short video formats, while many successful YouTube videos have hours of content at a time. Balancing all of this is easier with a scheduling platform, and you can easily integrate a scheduling platform with ActiveCampaign.

Social Media Marketingsource

4. Improving your YouTube presence: From captioning to subtitle generation

Uploading videos is the easy part. Setting the parameters to maximize each video’s value is a proper challenge. The success of a video doesn’t just depend on its content. For instance, what is the best YouTube video that you’ve never watched? It’s a ridiculous question, right? How can you know if you haven’t watched it?

What actually decides the CTR of a video on platforms like YouTube are good thumbnails, a compelling title, and a video duration. Some people are in a hurry and don’t intend to watch a video that’s too long.

When it comes to thumbnails, while you could get a scene from the video as a thumbnail, sometimes it’s better to be a bit creative. Adding special effects, photoshopping your head on a famous pop culture character, etc., are just some of the tricks that video marketers use. 

The many tools you can integrate with ActiveCampaign make this task much easier. For instance, some people avoid watching videos that don’t have subtitles. We all know how crude YouTube auto subtitles can be. So, why not substitute it with something a bit more efficient?

According to some statistics, about 69% of people watch videos without sound in public places, while 25% do this even when alone. With the help of a tool like Happy Scribe’s subtitle generator, you can make your videos more accessible to these people. The platform itself is a cutting-edge in AI-assisted speech-to-text technology. In other words, you can reduce the chance that your content gets misinterpreted. 

It’s the integration of these tools that helps you streamline this process. Imagine all the time you would save by not having to manually type and upload subtitles for every video you make.  

ActiveCampaign automation saves work hours and optimizes efficiency 

The strongest aspect of ActiveCampaign lies in the fact that you can integrate a myriad of other tools with it. It’s a platform that allows you to centralize all your marketing efforts and control it all via a single interface.

Now, most above-listed perks aren’t exclusive to ActiveCampaign. Chances are that you may find an alternative that will suit your liking. The point of this article was not to persuade you to start using ActiveCampaign; it was to show you why you need automation and what you stand to gain through it. 

Moreover, while automation can help your video marketing campaign, it won’t make the videos for you or help you with decision-making. The amount of creativity and problem-solving that goes into a successful marketing campaign is still pretty high. 

Srdjan Gombar


By Srdjan Gombar

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