Do you want to find out which technology is the best for your business or project: Golang, Blockchain, or Ruby on Rails? These are three of the most popular technologies used for modern applications and understanding their differences can be vital to finding the one that’s right for you. In this article, we’ll dive into a comparison of each language and explore how each of them excels in different areas so that you can make an informed decision about which technology is better for your specific needs.

Comparing Go, Blockchain, and RoR


Golang, also known as Go, was launched in 2009 by Google. It is an open-source programming language developed to improve user-friendly software and bridges the gap between low-level and high-level programming languages. Golang has a good library that helps developers to write code quickly and effectively. Many businesses today choose to hire dedicated Golang developers and programmers to scale an application, build powerful web apps, work with virtual machines and existing network protocols, and even develop cloud-native applications.

Besides, Golang’s garbage collection makes it easier to debug memory problems. In recent years, Golang has become one of the most sought-after programming languages used by developers around the world because of its excellent performance capabilities and scalability options.


  • Working with Golang, you’ll quickly find that the experience is both enjoyable and efficient. The syntax of the language is straightforward, making it a breeze to read and write code. 
  • Go also offers excellent concurrency capabilities, allowing developers to take advantage of multicore systems to get more done faster.
  • It has built-in memory safety and garbage collection that provides better control over how your application uses system resources for improved performance and reliability.


  • One disadvantage of using Golang is the lack of mature libraries. While it’s great to have the flexibility of developing custom libraries, many developers find it difficult and time-consuming.
  • Golang functions best when used to build applications for the same platform on which it was written, whereas if compiled on another platform there can be compatibility issues that can be difficult to solve.


Blockchain is a type of technology that may seem overwhelming or confusing at first glance, but it’s essentially an incorruptible digital ledger that securely stores and shares data among untrusted parties in a distributed system. It can also be used to create financial transactions such as transferring funds between two people without the need for a central bank, as well as authentication through digital “signatures” attached to individual pieces of data.

Blockchain technology is growing more popular every day, with many companies utilizing it in different ways — from smart contracts to cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the concept of blockchain still has some progress left to make before it fully penetrates mainstream society, remote solutions such as are already revolutionizing the way businesses deliver their services.


  • Privacy is guaranteed through cryptographic security measures for all data stored in a blockchain ledger.
  • The data stored in a blockchain ledger is also made transparent via public access by third-party validators.
  • The distributed nature of a blockchain system ensures that no single person or entity can own or control it — no central controls means no single point of failure.


  • For one, setting up and maintaining a blockchain system can be expensive, since there’s an ongoing cost associated with a distributed ledger.
  • All transactions made on a blockchain are irrevocable, so if something were to go wrong during a transaction or there was a data breach, it would be difficult to fix.


Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework written in the Ruby programming language. It allows for faster and more efficient development of complex applications, aiding in quickly delivering prototypes to the client and giving developers more freedom to focus on crafting products that drive growth. It’s especially popular among startups and businesses looking to build dynamic websites and applications since it reduces the amount of time spent writing traditional code.

The maintainers keep up with ongoing advancements in web trends and technology, constantly updating the framework, so you can rest assured that your application will be reliable, secure, and up-to-date. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Ruby on Rails might give you all the tools necessary to bring your idea to life without sacrificing quality.


  • RoR cuts down on a huge amount of development time, meaning websites are created faster, released sooner, and accelerated revenue generation begins earlier.
  • There is a vast pool of experienced developers familiar with the system who can help build projects more efficiently. 
  • RoR enables developers to prototype quickly, allowing them to easily test out new ideas and make changes quickly if needed.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers for Your Project

While some may be hesitant to outsource parts of their business development, especially for as intricate and complex tasks as Ruby on Rail, blockchain, or Golang development, there are numerous benefits to doing so:

  • Saving time and money are the top two benefits of outsourcing your Ruby on Rails, blockchain, or Golang development to remote professionals. Not only will you save precious time by allowing experts to handle all aspects of development, but you’ll also benefit from cost savings incurred by not having to hire and train in-house personnel.
  • Besides, remote professionals have access to the latest technology and trends so they can build solutions that create an impact in a very short amount of time.
  • And because they work as freelancers or contractors, you don’t have to worry about pay raise requests or holiday compensations. Ultimately, it gives business owners peace of mind knowing that the best people are getting their projects off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to develop a project soon, consider using RoR, Go, or blockchain. These technologies can benefit your project in many ways and help you save time and money. When choosing the right technology for your project, it is important to consider your specific needs. Once you have selected the best option, you can start looking for remote professionals who can help with the development process. Outsourcing these tasks to experienced developers will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.