Real Estate MarketingReal estate businesses have increased over the years, and there are more than 1.4 million active agents. It’s vital to stand out in the crowded market to ensure consistent profits and growth. Great marketing strategies can help your business sail through uncertain economic times and consumer trends. Ideally, you should focus on marketing channels that can help you reach viable leads with minimum effort. Here are a few strategies that can guarantee results.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is among the best marketing ideas for mortgage brokers looking for strategies to grow their brand and ensure consistent profits. Almost half of the real estate agents receive consistent leads from social media marketing. This strategy helps you nurture long-term relationships with potential clients and establish a brand image, leading to more customers.

However, it’s essential to spend more time posting on platforms where your ideal clients spend their time. Whether you want to start with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, ensure you can tailor your content to suit the audience demographics.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing can no longer be overlooked, especially when running a real estate business. The trend is gaining traction, with more online users watching videos on websites and social media channels; so the strategy can pay off in the long run. Typically, quality videos can triple your website traffic, and more than three-quarters of marketers generate sales from video content.

Besides the growing popularity, video marketing is perfect for real estate businesses. Ideally, the medium gives prospective buyers a vivid idea of the property. This can compel your audience to start a discussion about the property and request a physical tour before making a final purchase decision. Unlike pictures, videos can capture more details and answer most queries.

3. 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs

3D walkthroughs have risen to stardom by leveraging technology to offer quality virtual experiences to customers who may not have the option of taking a physical tour. Real estate marketers can chat with potential customers while taking 3D walkthroughs to showcase the features of a property.

3D walkthroughs are the most popular channel real estate agents use to showcase property deals to customers. You can use Skype, FaceTime, or other video tools to broadcast your 3D tours. However, it’s important to get the word out about the live tours on your website and social media channels to create a buzz.

Unless you have the expertise, it’s critical to partner with a professional to create a 3D walkthrough since they have the right equipment and experience to deliver desired results. Typically, most smartphones lack the panoramic capability necessary to capture great 3D videos. Low-quality 3D walkthroughs can devalue a property by misrepresenting its essential features.


You can’t overlook proven marketing strategies when you want to take your real estate business to the next level. While there are several marketing options, it’s vital to focus on the most effective strategies to ensure maximum returns on your investment. You can start by selecting appropriate social media platforms before launching your content strategy to engage with your audience.