With the increase in cybercrimes and data breaches, self-enhancing security has become the order of the day. One effective way of achieving this is using mobile proxies. Like every other proxy type, they work to replace your IP address with another. Owing to the replacement, your anonymity, security, and privacy are enhanced.

Mobile proxies have grown into popular use by individuals. However, they can also greatly serve businesses. Datacenter proxies are great options for businesses thanks to their performance and cost-effectiveness. However, mobile proxies mitigate most of the limitations of datacenter proxies.

Hence, the need to know about them and how they can help your business.

What are mobile proxies, and how do they work?

Proxies are hardware or software infrastructures that act as intermediaries between users’ computers and the internet. Being an intermediary, every request from the user’s computer heads to the proxy server accompanied by the user’s IP address. Another address masks the user’s IP address at the proxy server.

Mobile proxies use IP addresses from mobile networks for their masking, originating from a cell tower. Thanks to this, your device – which doesn’t have to be a mobile device – gets the IP address of a mobile phone.

When users try to access the internet on a mobile proxy, a new address assignment takes place over 3G and 4G connections. IP addresses given over 3G or 4G connections are known to have a higher anonymity degree.

Furthermore, unlike other proxies where the supplied IP addresses belong to an idle gadget gathering dust somewhere, mobile proxy addresses belong to real people. You’ll agree that 3G or 4G mobile phones are rarely idle. So, mobile proxies are real.

Since you can’t use another person’s address forever, mobile proxy-assigned IP addresses are always changing. This rotation increases security, as tracking your online activity to a single address becomes impossible.

Due to the growing importance and adoption of mobile proxies, free versions are popping up everywhere. However, it’s advised to steer clear of these free proxies, as it’s difficult to ascertain their quality.

Also, free proxies don’t make money from users, putting the creators under no obligation to enhance the security or performance of the infrastructure. Owing to this, using free mobile proxies is a security risk. Proxies always have access to your information and browsing activity. Hackers can farm your details and sell them on the dark web if you use a proxy that its developers do not protect well.

You shouldn’t compromise your data and online activity to save some dollars. Hence, it’s best to find a paid mobile proxy where you can rest assured of support, security, performance, etc. Click here for more information.

Use Cases of mobile proxies

Managing and gathering data from social media

Large companies have to manage several social media accounts across various regions. Accessing and engaging with location-specific content may be tricky, as most social media platforms use algorithms to curate content relevant to users’ IP addresses. So, if you’re in the US, it’s not easy to manage your company’s Australia account; you won’t get enough access to local Australian content on your feed.

Mobile proxies solve this problem. Beyond managing social media accounts across different regions, mobile proxies also make it easy to collect data across several regions.

Ad verification

Verifying ads before publishing them is important to marketing and branding. As you’d expect, the best way to test an ad is to subject it to local destination conditions. If you want to run an ad for your Australian audience from the US, use an Australian IP address to see how the ad behaves.

Since online ads are mainly used natively within the context of the publisher’s content, you need to confirm if it’s showing alongside similar content. Knowing what to expect from your ads helps you forecast better.

Ad verification can also help you understand your brand’s reputation better. To improve your brand, you should also ensure your ads appear on credible sources, not porn sites.

5 benefits of mobile proxies for your business

Real IP addresses

Businesses don’t have time to deal with IP bans, especially if you’re scraping the web. You stand less risk of being banned with mobile proxies, as the infrastructure rotates IP addresses by default, unlike datacenter proxies.


The world is full of mobile networks. So, a mobile IP address will always be whenever you need it. Furthermore, mobile proxies don’t get blocklisted and work in real time. The constant availability makes them reliable.

Seamless surfing experience

For web scraping, CAPTCHAs are the bane of the business owner’s existence. Also, for normal browsing, having to solve CAPTCHAs can be frustrating. Hence, the need for mobile proxies. Mobile proxies offered by standard providers easily bypass these online bot checkpoints.

Enhanced privacy and security

The internet is no longer safe, as anyone with the technical know-how can easily see what you’re doing. With mobile proxies, you get to keep yourself safe. The same goes for business operations. Having your business information confidential is more important than ever. Businesses also need to protect themselves from phishing attempts amongst other cybercrimes.

Improved performance

With mobile proxies, your online surfing becomes better. They improve the speed of your connections, especially by caching data.


The world is fully digital, and keeping up with the trend is important. If there is any technology your business should adopt today, it is mobile proxy servers. Conducting business online, however, requires intentionality towards security, like offline safety. Hence, invest in a good mobile proxy provider.