Who Are the Best B2B Database Providers in 2023?

Are you struggling with your outreach or just want to re-invigorate your leads list? Then you need a B2B database provider. A B2B database provider will provide you with direct contact information for prospects and profiles of people you want to connect with. Some providers also provide more in-depth solutions, such as a CRM to manage your pipeline and email marketing software. In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 B2B database providers that can help you win new business now!

What Are the Benefits of Using a B2B Database?

By using a B2B database, you don’t have to waste your time trawling through the web trying to find prospects. Another benefit of using an external B2B database is you ensure your company stays compliant with the latest data laws, which are constantly changing and complex. You also don’t have to lose hours out of your day maintaining and updating your in-house database.

With all this extra free time, you can focus on actually contacting prospects and pitching your products and services. All of these extra sales calls and emails add up, resulting in a huge boost in revenue. If you want to streamline your sales process and improve your overall efficiency while at the same boosting the quality of your leads lists, then check out the B2B database providers below!

1. SignalHire

SignalHire has one of the biggest B2B databases in the world, with over 650 million contacts. The database is international, and astonishingly the data is 97% accurate. You can easily search the database via the prospect’s name, company name, email, or phone number and find detailed contact information, including direct emails and mobile phone numbers.

In conjunction with its epic database, SignalHire has an incredible browser extension prospecting tool. With this browser extension, you can instantly pull contact details for prospects from company websites and LinkedIn. All you need to do is open a prospect’s LinkedIn profile and tap the extension. And just like that, you will have their email, direct number, and social media profiles!

SignalHire is loaded with features, including an email verification tool that will instantly let you know if an email address is active. With this tool, you can also perform bulk searches and find up to 1000 emails at a time. SignalHire is also integrated with all top CRMs, including Salesforce and Zoho, allowing you to upload prospect information directly to your CRM. Learn more about this awesome B2B database provider here!

2. OneMoreLead

OneMoreLead has over 55 million verified prospects. Their database has over 27 million companies and 170 million employees. This incredible resource lets you build a targeted and high-quality leads list in minutes!
OneMoreLead uses advanced analytics and powerful filtering to ensure you can quickly find the prospects which are perfect for your business. You can save all of your searches and, thanks to OneMoreLead’s integrations, instantly port your leads lists to your CRM.

OneMoreLead provides detailed information for all prospects, including role, email, direct phone numbers, and more. They will also provide you with awesome email lists so you can start making sales right away. If you want to get in direct contact with more prospects, then we recommend trying out OneMoreLead.

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is one of the biggest and most well-known B2B databases on the planet. ZoomInfo leverages troves of data to help you identify your ideal buyer and inform you when to make contact. ZoomInfo has a massive B2B database that you can effortlessly search through to find prospects. They have over 150 million verified email addresses and over 65 million direct phone numbers.

ZoomInfo has a great feature called buyer intent. ZoomInfo will identify prospects who are searching the web for similar solutions to what your company is offering. You then can make contact just as the prospect is at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. This tool not only helps you find new prospects but ensures you reach out to them at the perfect time.
Another awesome feature ZoomInfo has is Website Visitor Tracking. With this feature, ZoomInfo will convert your anonymous website traffic into prospects by adding real names and email addresses to the people visiting your site. This is one of the most advanced B2B databases on the planet, and they continue to add new features to their software.

4. Ampliz Salesbuddy

Ampliz gives you the data to power your business! You can use this software to quickly identify your customer persona through their prospect fit score. Ampliz will provide you with direct phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles.
The database has over 7 million companies, and the data is 95% accurate. Ampliz’s database has over 120 million B2B contacts and 21 million phone numbers. They will even give you 10 free credits so you can fully test out their database.
Ampliz has a great filter system where you can quickly sort through contacts and find decision-makers. If you want actionable leads today, try out Ampliz and take advantage of their contact filters – Industry, Revenue, Location, Title, and Seniority now!

5. Leadspace

Leadspace has been dominating the B2B database industry since 2007! They leverage data from over 30 sources. Their database features over 70 million companies and 300 million B2B contacts.

Leadspace offers intelligence solutions for data management and masters at supercharging your inbound and outbound lead generation efforts. Leadspace has impressive B2B customer data, and users are able to significantly increase their conversion rates. The software will help you attract new consumers by transforming your customer interaction method.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason to waste your time trying to build leads lists manually. Instead, use a B2B database provider and, within minutes, have a 1000-strong lead list. The great thing about B2B database providers is the speed with which you can find prospects and the accuracy of the contact information. Suppose you are sick of ringing the front desk of companies and sending marketing emails to general email addresses. In that case, it is time to get the direct contact information for your prospects with the number 1 B2B database provider SignalHire. With this incredible resource, you can find the direct number and email address of any prospect on the planet!