Social hubs like Instagram are necessary, period dot. If your business project does not appear and STAY in the social plane today, your project does not exist. In other words, no talk — no folk noticing your offer.

Still, your mere presence on social media does not bring profit. Many accounts exist and do not grow even though they have systemic posts and corresponding hashtags. Your business project deserves better and more active attention, and that is when social listening tools unveil their fast yet efficacious solution. After reading a detailed overview of social listening tools, a business doer can see the width of their all-covering functionality. And here is how an entrepreneur uses social media listening programs to ensure 110% results.

1. Trending Hashtags + Relevance = Attention Your Business Wants

Finding the mythical right hashtag is a challenge many businesses fail. No, a hashtag is not a mere word that describes and categorizes your post. You must also analyze its popularity level, its potential growth, and other peculiarities that may alter your result. Only then will you have an essential asset to kickstart a hashtag campaign.

One greate tool for hashtag tracking will track and sort out popular hashtags for you. You will save hours that stack into days, which is good because time is money. Besides, you will see what themes are relevant right now and adjust your content strategy to the needs of current social trends.

2. Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Look at What People Feel about Your Brand

What is sentiment analysis? It is a process of detecting emotions (positive, negative, and neutral) in texts. This way, you will see what attitude people have towards your brand. The data you get will help you make well-informed decisions about the development of your project.

Here is what you can understand with the help of sentiment analysis:

  • The level of customer satisfaction with your product or service;
  • The attitude of a target audience towards your brand;
  • The dynamics of changes in the level of customer satisfaction.

3. Comprehensive Social Media Analytics: Detailed Reports to Help You Grow

Business analytics is not an empty buzzword. It is a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) that show how well your company functions and where it needs improvement. The information from social media analytics will help you track the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy and, if necessary, change it.

4. Finding the Right Influencers to Help You Grow Your Brand

One of the most effective ways to improve your brand awareness is to cooperate with influencers — people with a large audience who can talk about your product on their social media. But how does a business doer find an influencer that will suit current business needs?

The answer is simple: with the help of social media listening tools. You can find people who often mention your brand, analyze their activity, and check whether they have enough followers to be influencers. Besides, you will see what attitude they have towards your brand. If it is positive, then you can safely cooperate with this person.

5. Competitor Analysis to Stay Ten Steps Ahead

Your competitors are also on social media, and you need to know what they are doing to stay ahead. With the help of such tools and programs, you can track their activity, analyze their strategies, and find ways to improve your project.

6. Event Tracking for a Success Guarantee

Are you planning an event? Do you want to know how the public perceives it and what reaction it causes? The event tracking is what you need. It will help you understand whether people are interested in your event and what they think about it.

7. Topic Identification for Wiser Planning

What do people talk about the most? What topics are relevant to your business now? You can answer these questions with the help of social media listening. It will help you understand what content you should create and post to be in trend. Moreover, diving into hot topics lets you generate unique ideas based on what people repeat.

8. Generating Leads with Social Media Listening

Social media is not only about creating and posting content. It is also a great way to generate leads — people who may be interested in your product or service. With social media listening apparatuses, you can find such people, analyze their activity, and contact them directly.

Final Words

As you can see, social media listening is a powerful marketing tool that can help you in various ways. It saves time, money, and a business doer’s nerves, and you can adjust your content strategy to the needs of current social trends.

Yet, remember that such work must always be comprehensive. Sticking to a booming hashtag might not suffice. Moreover, hot topics switch in seconds. You must be faster than that. Hence, prioritize social listening for business to stay ten steps ahead while your competitors barely make one!