If you’re a part of any web based business today, whether you’re working in SaaS or if you’re a startup and just dipping your toes into the waters of brand marketing, you most likely know the benefits of developing a sound SEO strategy. But SEO strategy goes well beyond headlines or niche keywords.

Link building is a vital part of any SEO campaign. And a proper link building strategy itself involves many elements that are critical for getting your site optimized such as developing quality content, technical structure, and ensuring your meta-data is correctly formatted. And this is why link building is truly at the heart of any quality SEO campaign.

Reaching a target audience is going to be next to impossible if you don’t have an optimized site that can generate traffic from multiple sources. And this is how link building can help you to meet your target goals.

In the following, we’ll explore a few of the benefits of link building today.

Creating Site Credibility

When you take a look at typical link building prices, you really get what you pay for. And what you get is credibility.

Nobody wants to browse a website that isn’t credible. And along the same line, no search engine wants to index a site that isn’t credible. This is because highly ranking a site without credibility can make a search engine deliver poor results, thus hurting that search engine’s reputation.

For example, can you imagine the fate of Google if every time you searched for a site you were given subpar results? Chances are, you would stop using Google, and we wouldn’t even know the name “Google” today if this were the case.

In order to factor in authority, Google needs to know that your site is credible. And when you have links from authority sites linking to your content, this gives Google a third-party indicator that your site is credible and authoritative. As such, when you partner with a link building service, you’ll get more links pointing to your site from credible sites, and the higher your authority will be.

Improve Site Rankings

Even if you have a great digital marketing campaign with the most polished, informative, and useful content on the web, if you don’t have links to your site, Google is likely not going to even know you exist. And this is not a goal you want to meet.

Links are part of Google’s ranking considerations. In fact, they are perhaps the biggest part. And the more credible links you have from authority sites, the higher your site will be ranked on a search engine results page (SERP).

In order to ensure that you’re meeting Google’s standards, you need to make sure that Google’s algorithm is looking upon you with favor. And a few ways to do this are as follows:

  • Create unique, informative and useful content
  • Share your content on other credible sites
  • Create links that point to trusted websites
  • Ensure your meta-data meets Google’s standards

The more diversified your links are, and the more credible the sites that you’re linking with are, the more authority you’ll be able to build. And this is why link building is the path toward improving site ranking.

Improve Brand Awareness

Being at the top of your industry requires creating brand awareness. And you can’t create this awareness without credibility or authority. This is why partnering with a link building service can offer you a sustainable link building campaign that builds and maintains authority, enabling you to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Additionally, as a brand leader, you’ll also be able to engage with a wider audience, generate more revenue and sales, and be ranked alongside other trusted brands in your industry.

Brand awareness is what drives business growth and gets you the recognition you need to stand out in your industry among your competitors. And with a practical link building strategy, you’ll be able to generate this awareness from multiple authority sites that you’re linking with.

Keep in mind that just one or two links and a few blog posts are not going to position you very well as an authority site. But when you engage in a link building campaign, you’ll not only watch your SEO scores improve, you’ll likely see your audience grow as well.

Link building is what gives sites visibility in the infinite darkness of cyberspace. And when you can build links properly and create authority, you’ll be positioning yourself for success