Are you looking to get a leg up on some social media marketing trends for 2022? After the past few years of global events, a distinct client base has emerged with specific needs. Social media has become integral in a company’s relationship with consumers. The average social media user spends two hours and 27 minutes on various platforms.

As humans have adjusted to virtual life, technology has evolved in a variety of ways, and customers are working hard to spur societal change as well. Any marketing plan must identify and adjust to these factors or eventually die trying – businesses that are unable to adapt will most likely not endure the new age of technology and marketing.

But have no fear! Continue reading below for some social media marketing trends to watch in 2022.

Social Media

1. TikTok Continues to Takeover

TikTok topped the app store charts last year, blowing past statistics that other social media networks did over a span of years.  In September, the network reached one billion monthly active users, and can spend over an hour on the site each time they check in.

Don’t be duped into assuming the platform is only for young people – and don’t let that stop you from having your business be active on the platform. Be sure to utilize a scraper api, or other social listening tools, to learn the best methods to contact your customers with content that hits the mark. It looks like TikTok is just getting started.

2. Brands are Boosting Their Investments in Social Commerce

The buying and selling of products or services directly within a social media platform is known as social commerce. This strategy expands social media’s conventional function in the discovery phase by pushing consumers to complete the whole buying process without having to leave their favorite apps. Many companies’ social media pages are beginning to incorporate dedicated Shopify integrations, allowing you to purchase that adorable dog costume without having to exit Instagram.

According to The State of Social Media Investment Report, executives unanimously agree that social commerce is driving a higher proportion of their company’s marketing-driven income. Within the next three years, about eight out of ten people anticipate selling their products or services using social media. In 2022, there is predicted to be 97.2 million social commerce consumers in the United States, accounting for 38.2 percent of internet users.

3. Sustainability is Becoming a Driving Factor in Purchasing

Sustainability and climate change are becoming major determinants of purchasing decisions. A survey revealed that 28 percent of Gen Z individuals were concerned about climate change, which is mirrored in their opinions towards brands. 89 percent of internet users say brands should do more to decrease their carbon footprint, and 88 percent believe sustainability should be normal business practice.

Transparency and businesses that are enthusiastic about their beliefs are important to the conscious yet skeptical customer. Consumers are quick to detect corporate greenwashing if it is not done honestly, which brings us to the next trend.

4. A Social Media Crisis Strategy is Becoming Extremely Important

If you haven’t already noticed, incidents can escalate on social media, resulting in crisis communication scenarios. These situations are frequently fast-paced and difficult to anticipate. With social media monitoring, brands can keep their eyes and ears alert for potential crises and leverage real-time reactions to tailor messages around sensitive themes.


These are just a few of the multiple social media marketing trends we predict to see in 2022. Keep in mind that these patterns will continue to evolve, so make sure to keep tabs on the newest developments. With focused marketing strategies, you can capitalize on all the goodwill and optimism. Concentrate on catering to your customers and appealing to their values, and you’ll have an unlimited supply of leads flowing in.