Due to intense competition among businesses, entrepreneurs make extensive efforts to make their brands stand out; Which is why many of them do various marketing tactics, such as hosting webinars. By conducting this type of event, you can increase brand recognition, attract more prospects, and generate a high income.

One of the widely used types of webinars is the automated webinar. Based on stealthseminar.com, a leading automated webinar platform, this type of content can give you so many advantages. So, if you want to get reasons to start hosting them, keep reading this blog.

What is Webinar Automation?

Webinar automation is the process of creating pre-recorded presentations and hosting them through automated webinar platforms. Unlike live webinars, automated webinars will not require the presence of a host every time you repurpose the content. They will automatically run on your chosen schedule. You can use this type of webinar for your online training, product introduction, company overviews, or to provide good content to your target audience.

Why Should You Start Hosting Automated Webinars?

In case you haven’t seen how webinar automation can contribute to your business success, here are the top reasons why you should start hosting automated webinars:

1.    You don’t have to be around.

Again, when you schedule a pre-recorded webinar, you don’t have to be there. You only need to create a recording once, and you can use that content as often as you like, compared to a live webinar that will need your presence. This advantage is pretty helpful, especially when you have other business matters to attend to, want plenty of quality time with your loved ones, or like to relax and do your hobbies.

2.    People can watch your content conveniently.

Unfortunately, not everyone in your target market has a flexible schedule. Even if you do your webinar live at the most convenient time and get many people to sign up on your registration page, there will still be others who will miss your event. On the other hand, if you host pre-recorded webinars, your target audiences can watch them in their free time conveniently. The more attendees you get, the higher the conversion rate you can achieve.

3.    You can make perfect content.

Since you won’t be speaking in real-time, you can re-shoot and edit mistakes as much as you need. Therefore, you can create flawless content that can keep your viewers engaged. It’s perfect to do, especially when you’re not confident speaking live. You won’t directly be talking in front of live audiences, and you can make your business look more professional.

4.    You can save money.

By creating great content and using the best automated webinar software, you can already do webinar automation and automate your income. You don’t need to keep investing in creating video recording, spending on the props, or hiring professionals to attract leads and get profit; You only need to set a schedule, and your webinar sessions can continuously serve their purpose.

5.    You can build customer relationships.

When you make educational content more accessible for your viewers, you don’t only generate quality prospects; You also enhance your relationship with tour existing clients and keep them loyal. As long as the content you create is valuable and successful, your attendees will keep engaged.

Automated Webinar Tips

Despite the popularity and proven effectiveness of automated webinars, these online events won’t be effective unless you do them successfully. So before you conduct your first automated webinar presentation, consider the following tips:

Choose a good topic.

If you keep using a pre-recorded video, you need to make sure that the topic you’ll cover is timely relevant. Plus, it would be nice if you can avoid the trendy ones that will get less engaging as time passes.

Make a visually appealing presentation.

Whether you will record a video or create slides, you need to ensure that your content is visually appealing. More people will see your content as you keep repurposing it, and it can help you reach out to a larger audience. Thus, leave a great impact and brand reputation by only giving what’s best.

Follow-up on your attendees.

Even if you get a great number of webinar attendees, some of them might not turn into customers. Therefore, you need to follow up on them when they’re done watching your content and persuade them to finally convert.

Use the right webinar platform.

Not all platforms will let you host automated webinars. Even if there are many other automated webinar platforms there, you still need to be smart to only rely on one that is convenient to use and can help you meet your webinar goals. Stealthseminar is one of the leading platforms that can make your webinar automation seamless. If you want to achieve webinar success, you can count on us.