External links play a key role in ranking sites in search. Links obtained naturally have a good effect. Their placement eliminates sanctions from search engines. This detailed guide will help you develop a content marketing strategy in 2022.

Developing a natural link mass requires detailed analysis, time and substantial cost. Plus, there are many areas where such links are obtained with difficulty because of the dense employment of the issuance of competitors. Such a problem is often faced by owners of commercial sites, including online stores. The likelihood that the owners of a competitor site will put a link to such a resource on their blog tends to be zero.

What kind of link is considered natural?

It is a link received naturally. For example, you can be referred to as a source of information, citing your site as an example. To find more detailed information, click here.

Each search engine has several criteria for determining if a link is unnatural. However, some indicators make it very likely that content links are natural. Here are some of the examples:

  • the page’s theme;
  • non-commercial anchor;
  • links to various resources from a single page;
  • links within the main body of text;
  • donor quality.

How to build a natural link profile with content marketing?

There are two approaches to implementing content marketing: internal (content is created and published on your blog and communities) and external (third-party sites are used to post content). Both work to build linking mass. The only difference is that the first approach is more time-consuming and does not allow you to predict the result.

Marketing of Internal content

A link-building strategy is built around the creation of valuable content that will be shared and referenced. The content should be of a high level of expertise. It’s not enough to simply describe a process or phenomenon. It is important to go deeper into the issue and bring practical experience.

External content promotion

In this case, they connect to third-party sites for content seeding. The SEO effect of link building with content can be obtained from do-follow blogs and communities. But even no-follow links have a useful effect. They dilute the link profile and make it more natural.

What is content syndication, and how can it benefit you?

Content syndication is an essential part of content marketing. Its essence is the reuse of existing content. The same text, photo, or video is published on as many platforms as possible to reach as large an audience as possible. In this case, the content can be slightly revised to fit the specifics of the resource or used as-is.

Syndication allows for a small cost to increase brand awareness, bring additional traffic to your main resource, and ultimately increase sales. Below, we will tell you more about this content distribution method and share our recommendations on how to squeeze the most out of it with minimal effort.

Syndication or content promotion—what is the difference?

The purpose of promotion is to increase traffic to the page with the article and your resource with the help of advertising and search engine optimization. Syndication of your content – the distribution of previously existing content on various resources.

In other words, in promotion, you lead your audience to your new content, but in syndication, you go there yourself. Unlike guest posting, you don’t create unique material from scratch; you use the old one. If necessary, only slightly adapt it to the site’s specifics and needs.

What does content syndication provide?

The pros of content syndication:

  • Significant audience growth. By publishing an article on external resources, you get additional coverage from visitors to that platform and an increase in traffic to your resource. The better the site is chosen for republishing, the greater the growth will be.
  • Creating quality content link building from reputable sources. In most cases, it is possible to leave a link to the original material when republishing. The right sites for content syndication will improve your site’s link profile and ultimately have a positive effect on its search engine promotion.
  • Building a reputation The more often your content appears outside your site, and the more reputable resources publish it, the more credibility your brand or personality has, and the more motivated potential customers are to contact you.
  • Social media promotion. Useful content published on a high-traffic site is likely to go “viral” in thematic communities.

How to make your content want to be published

Ideally, it’s not you asking other sites to republish your work, but they are asking you. To achieve this, you need to create quality and useful materials regularly.

For your success, it is very important to choose a topic of interest.  The best places that can help with this are such sites as Yahoo Answers, Quora, and Reddit. The other important point is the quality of the text, it should be informative, easy to read, the used images should be of high quality, so it is highly recommended to edit them first before adding images to the article.

If there is a lot of competition in your field, and it isn’t easy to find affordable backlinks, you can look at what your competitors are publishing. Choose the most popular and create your material on this topic or close to it.

We are not talking about banal rewrites; this material does not bring anything new and, therefore, is unlikely to be in demand by serious resources. Use other people’s creations as a source of inspiration and a vector for movement.

And then offer your view of the chosen topic, expand on other aspects, delve into related areas, try other formats of content. Such materials have a better chance of becoming popular and in-demand on top thematic platforms, too.


Content marketing is the new SEO. This approach to promotion is completely white because the sites are decided live and authoritative, and the content is useful. The only nuance is the long-term promotion strategy. But this is rather a plus because, in this way, the risks are associated with getting under the filters. The site is steadily gaining trust and improving its extradition positions.

These tips will help you develop and implement a content marketing strategy. As a result, you will get a good SEO effect from natural links as well as the conversion traffic you need right now.