influencer marketing

You probably know about influencers and how businesses leverage them to promote branded products and services. It’s called influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become one of the best ways to raise awareness among your target audience and grow your brand. Almost 90% of marketers said that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or even better than other digital marketing channels.

That said, finding influencers for your business and then managing an influencer marketing strategy can be a lot of work, particularly for smaller businesses or companies with smaller, inexperienced teams.

If you don’t know where to start or find yourself scrambling to keep up with your influencer marketing strategy, you can partner with the industry experts.

How Can An Influencer Marketing Agency Help Your Brand Grow?

1. Saves Time And Money

Consultus Digital, an expert influencer marketing agency Toronto has, says that influencer marketing can take up a significant amount of time for inexperienced or small businesses.

In general, influencer marketing usually involves:

  • Developing goals and influencer marketing strategies
  • Searching, reaching out, and vetting influencers
  • Negotiating contracts, payments, and legal matters
  • Coordinating and reviewing content
  • Briefing influencers
  • Measuring content success
  • Content distribution strategies to maximize investments

If you have the time and resources to build your influencer marketing team, scale your influencer strategy internally. Unfortunately, most companies, particularly startups and small businesses, don’t have that option.

Partnering with an expert agency means you outsource these time-consuming processes. This is a more time- and cost-effective option to develop and execute your influencer marketing strategy to boost your brand presence.

In addition, working with an influencer marketing agency frees up resources and time, allowing you and your employees to work on other important tasks for your business growth.

2. Leverage On Expertise And Established Relationships

An influencer marketing agency is just that— an agency specialized in influencer marketing. They eat, sleep and breathe influencer marketing 24/7.

So, working with an influencer marketing agency allows you to tap into their expertise in this industry. They understand how influencer marketing works. Agencies have the knowledge and experience on what makes influencer marketing campaigns successful in most niches. They are also updated on the latest trends in influencer marketing, allowing them to plan an effective campaign.

Also, you can take advantage of the agency’s established relationships in the influencer marketing space. Most agencies work with thousands of influencers every year and have an idea of which influencers have followers that best match your brand’s target market.

So, if you’re looking for the best fashionista micro-influencer in Toronto to showcase your custom-made dresses, an agency in the area probably already worked with some of them in the past. They would have a good idea of who to call.

3. Planning And Executing Creative Brand Content

In an influencer marketing campaign, the real work starts after establishing the partnership.

As with any marketing agency, an influencer marketing company includes talented creatives in its team. They help chosen influencers to plan and create eye-catching content, often at a higher standard than those produced in-house.

In addition, they will be at the forefront of managing your influencer marketing campaign from scheduling content rollout to campaign briefs. They’ll create, review, and communicate the strategies that will be used in a campaign, as well as advise on optimization strategies.

4. Measure And Optimize Campaigns

Perhaps the most important aspect for brands is measuring the right metrics and the success of the campaign. Deliverables planned, created, and posted on the influencers’ social media accounts should be managed and monitored closely.

When working with multiple influencers, you need to measure which influencers bring you the best results— the ones with the greatest impact in terms of sales numbers, engagement rates, and website hits.

Working with an influencer marketing agency allows you to track and access custom reporting. Knowledgeable agencies can embed influencer marketing campaigns with the most important markers for you to accurately track management.

Plus, agencies are more adept at properly extrapolating and interpreting valuable insights from the campaign metrics to further increase your marketing campaign ROI.

Take Away

What was once regarded by some as a fad has now taken the digital marketing industry by storm. Influencer marketing is modern-day’s word-of-mouth advertising that you should include in your digital marketing strategies.

That said, if you need help, relying on an experienced influencer marketing provider is your best option. They can help take the nitty-gritty of influencer marketing off your plate and implement best practices, ensuring that your business enjoys the benefits of influencer marketing and ultimately grow your brand and online presence.