lead generation law firm

Investing in a strong lead generation strategy helps you attract new clients, set your law firm up for growth and success, and stay ahead of the competition. Read on for five lead generation tips for lawyers.

1.   Develop a great website

Your lead generation efforts should start with your website. A website builds your brand online and informs people what you do, who you are, and why they should choose you over the competition. An ideal law firm website should have a professional design and be optimized for search engines, include quality content and lawyers bio, and have clear call-to-action buttons. Be sure to optimize your website’s page layouts for mobile phones to reach a larger audience. You should improve the website navigation and loading time to ensure your web visitors stay long enough on your site to take the desired action.

2.   Create engaging content

Once you have set up your website, you should create fresh, engaging content in the form of blog posts, case studies, ebooks, customer success stories, infographics, and videos for your target audience. Quality content helps you showcase your experience and expertise, giving you a competitive advantage in the industry. Consider contacting an SEO company for lawyers to help you develop an SEO strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) enables you to identify high volume with low competition key phrases that you could include in your content to improve your ranking on Google and generate more leads.

3.   Leverage the power of social media

Social media allows you to market your services and build a strong relationship with clients by interacting with current and potential clients. Use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share informative, unique, and engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Consider adding videos and images to your social media content to improve engagement. Remember to add links to your content that direct your audience to your landing pages to generate leads. Other effective ways to capture more leads via social media include hiring social media influencers, running Q&A sessions, hosting social media contests, or conducting polls.

4.   Set up local SEO

Local SEO enables you to generate more traffic and leads to your law firm by making your site more visible to clients seeking legal representation and help within your area. To set up local SEO for your law firm;

  • Update the Google My Business listing to help clients find your law firm, website, and contacts.
  • Optimize your web content with relevant keywords
  • Request existing happy clients to share their reviews on your listing to boost your credibility
  • Optimize the on-page elements of your site

5.   Offer free consultations

One of the easiest ways to get potential clients to your doorstep is by offering free initial consultations. By providing free consultations, you encourage leads to take the desired action and connect with you virtually or in person. Once you contact a potential client, it is much more manageable to convert them into paying clients.


An effective lead generation strategy makes the difference between winning or losing new clients. Consider developing a solid website, creating engaging content, setting up local SEO, and offering free consultations to generate more leads to your law firm.