Coding in marketing

With technological advances soaring, businesses are becoming more competitive, and the marketing industry is not left out. Companies are getting more deliberate with hiring marketers.  Aside from seeking digital marketing skills, they’re on the lookout for marketers who can handle the technical aspect of the job.

Coding in marketing is a programming technique that instructs computers about marketing duties. Almost everything about digital marketing is built with codes, so coding is the right place for you to start your improvement journey as a marketer. Aside from your sales skills, it’d help if you learn to code, and here are reasons you should:

1. Efficiency In Campaign Management

As a marketer, you need more than a surface-level understanding of factors that affect campaign outcomes. You should understand analytics data, embed tracking codes, conduct A/B tests, manage Ad Word data, and learn what java is used for in marketing. These are some of the determinant factors of successful marketing campaigns, and they require an understanding of coding. Learning to code will help you manage campaigns efficiently and see excellent outcomes.

2. Make A Great First Impression

Being a marketer usually requires you to be in charge of newsletters, blogs, and website content management.  These digital channels are generally where a brand’s first impression is made.  Therefore, a sound understanding of coding will help you do what’s required to make that first impression a great one. You can embed audios, images, and videos on a site or blog, assign headers, format text, and handle every other stuff that contributes to making a site, blog, etc., appealing to the senses.

3. Your SEO Game Is Raised

Basic SEO is not enough if you aim to achieve exceptional results. With coding, you can also handle the technical aspect of SEO like updating meta descriptions, title tags, ALT tags, and keywords. Understanding HTML will help you in ensuring that pages are optimized accordingly. Besides that, your coding skills inform your on-site SEO practices and bring the game to a professional level.

4. T-Shaped Marketing

A T-Shaped marketer is a flexible marketer with extensive knowledge that covers a wide spectrum of digital-marketing tactics with expertise in one or maybe two specific areas. For example, you may be a copywriter and content marketer and still know up to 50% of graphics design, image retouching, photography, and web design. This means you can handle marketing projects that involve graphic elements like infographics and create appealing visuals for the project with ease. One benefit of being a T-Shaped marketer is that it makes it easier to adapt to different roles and deliver optimally.

5. You Raise Your Value

Employers will always prefer high-value marketers, and they may be willing to pay more to get such people on their marketing team. The modern employee is hybrid and knows about aspects that concern its niches. A blend of coding skills with marketing skills is a blue diamond in the marketing sector. Therefore, it’d be best to learn how to code to improve your skillset and make you invaluable to clients.

6. Technological Innovation

Coding is like the foundation of future technological innovations. Becoming a coder as a marketer allows you to drive changes in the marketing industry or any other industry you choose to branch into. Aside from instructing computers about marketing strategies, coding provides you with the privilege to explore different technical areas. You can build a face detection system, a user interface that speaks to your brand and improves your company’s visualization and security.

7. DIY Practices

One benefit of DIY practices is that they save you money. Paying someone to develop a technical template for you may cost you money. Imagine that the overall pay you’ll get for the marketing campaign is modest.  That means you’d be spending a substantial part of your payments on a template. What if you could develop that template yourself? Wouldn’t you be happy to keep that fee to yourself? This is one of the benefits of learning to code. It makes you versatile and self-dependent. It keeps your task flowing as you’re well informed about the subsequent decision to make.


With almost everything on the web centered on codes and the success of businesses depending more than ever on digital marketing, coding is a wise investment for a marketer in the 21st century. This is so because coding improves your efficiency in marketing strategy and measurement as a marketer. It raises your SEO game, increases your value, helps you in becoming more of a T-Shaped marketer, and allows you to partake in developing technological innovations.