The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the marketing world. As a result, many tools have lost their relevance and value. Now, marketers should use innovative approaches in strategizing and gathering feedback from clients.

Market Changes Along With Its Customers

The world turns digital, and essential spheres of life follow this trend. Shopping, studying, and even medical services are now available in remote form. Lectures in Zoom chat rooms and exams via Skype are the new norm for students.

Online learning forces the latter to find new ways to get tasks done in time. For example, obligatory plagiarism checks made writing essays a real chore. Coursework writing service like EssayService helps students overcome this pothole and hand in original texts written by professionals. So, new times require new approaches.

Trending Instruments

  • It helps gather direct feedback and track the user’s reaction to a product.
  • Video content. Things like Instagram Reels and TikTok get more likes than long reads.
  • It allows displaying ads only to the users interested in the product. For example, if an 18-year-old TA representative looks for a sweater in Google, they will not get feed for grannies suggesting to knit one.
  • Web analytics. It simplifies the analysis of online advertising tools’ effectiveness, allowing one to detect ineffective components faster.
  • Visual aspects. As we know, people love visual elements. So, exquisite product photos on social media stimulate interest and get more attention since they imply the promise of a beautiful life.

The audience gets more and more sophisticated in their demands and better educated at advertising methods. Old-fashioned approaches simply won’t do anymore.

WindowsOnline Shopping Asks for Online Advertising

Today, young people buy things online more often than they go shopping in malls and showrooms. Some companies still count on everything returning to its original state (like it was before 2019). Yet, nothing is going to be the same again.

Some firms get stuck in the pre-digital age. All they have is a low-quality website and a half-empty Instagram page. So, they leave a little digital imprint and eventually drop out of the race.

Such companies will either fade or turn to relevant brand positioning strategies to shape a new approach to digital marketing and help make informed decisions when it comes to using technology for business.

Their Majesty – Marketing Trends for the Following Year

1. Digitalization and Automation

Digital helpers like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa get more popular every day. According to industry forecasts, the market value of voice purchases will reach 40 billion by 2022, and consumer spending with voice assistants will increase by 18%.

Users already automate some tasks. They explore and collect data and manage social media posts by scheduling them ahead of time.

2. The Use of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence automates simple things like traffic reports and content quality analysis. According to our essay writers new versions can create a typical customer portrait or even predict what goods clients are likely to purchase.

Machine learning, AI, and algorithms are critical for targeted advertising. And the modern market recognizes only this type of promotion. Sellers have just a few seconds to captivate the potential customer’s attention, and AI helps them get the maximum out of this brief interaction.

3. Multichannel Marketing

Communicating with customers today means using multiple channels of interaction. It may include creating a blog, website, or social media page, including WhatsApp group presence, and other means.

This trend will make a one-person band out of today’s marketing managers. Thank god, the same trends open ways to online learning and skills improvement. So, one may learn to make product videos and become an ultimate specialist.Social Media

4. Gamification

Interactive entertainment gains momentum. Games are quick to engage the user and bring value to customer interactions. This 2022 trend will increasingly appear in interactive ads, websites, and other places where brands want to tap into their user base. Mechanics like “find three hidden animals in the picture and get a free subscription” will get more attention than suggestions to “invite three friends to get a discount.”

The game format simplifies the communication process. It works for all audiences as it engages the child within. So, many companies use addicting gamification to increase customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales. To see some working examples, look up Nike fitness tracking or Starbucks Rewards.

5. Online Events

Video content will become a big trend in digital marketing in 2022. Users favor video reviews that help them make a purchase decision.

Social networks and other platforms allow live broadcasts within their interfaces. This technology helps marketers speak to the target audience and gather immediate feedback. Such interaction (if conducted properly) cements the company’s positive reputation. This method is a good supplement to hosting webinars and events or participating in conferences.

Thus, online events focus on building long-term relationships with current and potential customers.

Keep Up With Trends

The days of relying only on websites and cold calls are over. Now it goes digital. By 2022, AI, SEO, and visualization will make up the cornerstones of marketing. So, get started now!