A marketing operations team helps drive positive marketing results for a company by implementing and overseeing the technology and processes that a marketing team needs. A marketing professional is in charge of implementing data-driven strategies to improve the efficiency of marketing efforts. 

Many digital marketing teams don’t focus on improving their operations, and as a result, they struggle with success. This is because a key element of marketing operations is evaluating campaigns, implementing customer data correctly, and understanding your customers. 

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Campaign Evaluation

A key element of marketing operations is evaluating campaigns, implementing customer data correctly, and understanding your customers.

Campaign Evaluation

The most important step in moving forward with any campaign is to evaluate it. This is often done by looking at the campaign’s goal and success rate. If your campaign had a goal of getting 10% more people to sign up for your email newsletter and you only got 4% more people to sign up, consider starting again from scratch.

Customer Data

Another key to marketing operations is implementing the right customer data. This includes looking at customer data to make sure that it is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, as well as making sure that your customer data is used in the right way to create custom messages for each customer.

In order to achieve this, you need a comprehensive B2B intelligence tool. One of the most commonly used BA tools is ZoomInfo, although today you can find many ZoomInfo alternatives with the same features for a more reasonable price. This tool will facilitate the process of collecting and categorizing data and tailoring it to your needs.

Understanding Your Customers

Lastly, one of the most important parts of marketing operations is understanding your customers. This means understanding their demographics, psychographics, and preferences. It also means that your marketing team needs to understand what type of messaging resonates with each customer group.

Effectively briefing your teams

There are some days where your to-do list is so long, you can’t even remember the words you wanted to say. But it’s important to write detailed briefs for your team before they start working on a client campaign.

Asking your team to do one last thing before starting the project, a brilliant brief, can help them nail their part of the project the first time around, reducing the time spent on amends, and help you to hold onto top talent. A dodgy brief can make a team member frustrated and make them not want to work for you.

The best ideas in the world will never amount to anything if the people working on the project cannot provide what they need to make the idea a reality. That is why it is crucial for a marketing team to plan out their capacity, write cross-team briefs and review their tech solutions to keep their skills and their team’s creativity fresh.

In the past, it’s been easy to neglect your marketing strategy because you’ve been able to rely on old-fashioned marketing techniques. But now, customers are savvier and you need to take a modern approach. So review your strategies and make sure you’re getting the basics right.

Future capacity projections

One way to ensure your team will be able to deliver results is to plan in advance, which will allow you to identify when your team will need to allocate time to each project in order to meet your goals. When you plan in advance, you can easily map out how much time you will need for each project and account for team members’ time commitments.

The teams behind your marketing and sales efforts will need to ensure you stay top-of-mind for your customers. By considering the time and resources needed to produce these results, you’ll be able to properly plan and effectively execute your campaigns, and you’ll be able to deliver them on time and make your senior team happy.


In order to succeed in marketing operations, digital marketing teams must learn about, and focus on, improving marketing operations. A key element of marketing operations is evaluating campaigns, implementing customer data correctly, and understanding your customers.

Campaigns should be evaluated before and after they are executed to see what worked well and what needs to be improved. Customers can be segmented based on their behavior, which will help marketers understand their customers better.