If you are looking for a career where your skills are in high demand, there are lots of great reasons to consider working in IT. The IT industry is home to some of the coolest companies in the world today like Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and more, along with many other companies and startups that aren’t as visible in the hiring market but still provide excellent career opportunities. Today, working in IT, development, cybersecurity and other tech jobs has become a popular choice as more and more companies around the world face a growing need for these professionals. As technology advances at a rapid rate and companies need access to the best talent to ensure that they keep up with the latest developments and that their systems and data are kept as secure as possible, there are plenty of amazing reasons to consider getting into a career in IT and tech.

Tech is Hiring

Despite the recession, downsizing, and everything else that’s impacting the job market right now, it’s safe to say that finding a job in tech is usually easy. This is especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic with more remote working, virtual learning, and online services becoming available as a safer alternative to going out in person. The tech industry is seriously booming and is only expected to grow even further over the next few years, making it an ideal choice for anybody who is interested in finding a job with high demand and high job security. Some industries within tech and IT are in even higher demand than others, including cybersecurity, with professionals needed by every industry that collects any kind of personal data from employees or customers. Cybersecurity degree programs are available from St. Bonaventure University as a great way to get ahead in this career choice.

Learn New Skills

Working for a tech company can be a great learning experience for anybody, especially if you are not already a developer. When you work in tech, you will often have the opportunity to jump into and get involved in various other projects, which can help you learn more about your interests and strengths and pick up interest in many other areas. There’s no denying that working for a tech company can provide you with a diverse skill set that you can take throughout your career and use to your advantage when finding your next job, no matter which area of IT you decide to work in.

Culture is Valued

Working for a tech company means that you get to work somewhere that seriously values employee culture. Many tech companies offer a lot of tangible perks like free food in the office, massages, company retreats, free on-site coffee, paid volunteer time, and cause dress codes. But while all of that can make any job a much more enjoyable experience, many IT companies care about the culture in a way that goes much deeper than just the perks that they offer. Today’s modern tech companies are often all about making sure that the office is a pleasant place for employees and tend to make employee happiness and satisfaction a priority much more often and in many more ways compared to other industries.

It’s a Younger Crowd

IT is often unlike many other work environments, as in this industry, seniority or even age doesn’t trump merit quite as often compared to other industries. This is because many IT and tech companies are a younger crowd, which can be very refreshing. This is especially true if you decide to work for a start-up, where you’ll probably have a much younger CEO who understands everything that you’re doing rather than answering to somebody who only got the job because of a family member and doesn’t have the last clue about what the business actually does. These younger and more modern companies tend to have a culture that value what you do, rather than the number of years that you have on your resume or where you have worked in the past.

It’s Optimistic

With technology advancing every day, there’s no denying that this is a very optimistic and progressive industry to work in. Product development and innovation in any area of tech tends to be very fast-paced and very optimistic about the future. Many people who join the field of tech do so because they want to have a big impact and leave their mark on the way that people live their lives, whether they do that by contributing to the next big tech product development or by improving cybersecurity for individuals and businesses. Being around this kind of optimism all day long can certainly be contagious, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in how you feel and the impact on everybody else when the people around you are individuals who aren’t afraid to show that they are passionate and optimistic about their work.

Getting Into a Career in Tech and IT

Whether you’re leaving high school soon and want to get into the fast-paced, optimistic world of tech and IT or are tired of your current career and want to do something different, there are lots of different reasons to consider working in this field. Maybe IT and tech is something that you have been passionate about for quite a long time and you’ve always wanted to be part of working on something that could make a difference to the world, or perhaps you find the high demand for professionals, generous salaries and job security on offer very appealing. Maybe you’re in need of a new challenge to take on, and feel that working in an IT and tech role is the best way to get that.

There’s no denying that working in tech and IT is an amazing type of work to choose right now, with various different fields to consider getting into including cybersecurity, data science, SaaS, product development, software development, and the IoT. And with a massive shortage of tech and IT professionals, the demand is only growing and there has never been a better time to consider getting into this industry if you want to make sure that finding work is easy and you’re able to get started working for a great company faster compared to any other industry today. To get into a career in IT and tech, consider the following:

Get a Relevant Degree

While it is certainly possible to work your way up from the bottom at a tech company and learn on the job without the need to earn a degree, most people will find that earning a relevant degree qualification is the best way to get into the position that they want. Whether you’re graduating high school and getting ready to apply to colleges or are considering a career change in the near future, getting the right college degree will make it easier for you to find work and get ahead in this vibrant field. Computer science is a common degree program choice for people who want to work in IT, along with degree programs that major in data analytics, computer engineering, data science, technology, design, and software engineering. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a different subject and want to change your career to work in tech and IT, you can find various master’s degree programs that are designed to help you build on the skills and knowledge that you already have and teach you the essentials of a career in IT to help you get into this field.

Get Industry Certification

While some IT and tech positions will accept you as long as you have any bachelor’s degree, some companies are actively looking for IT professionals with industry certifications and other relevant qualifications. Getting an industry certification can also make it easier for you to get onto certain master’s degree programs in the IT field if you are looking to expand your education and ultimately change your career. Getting industry certification is often the best way to break into the field of IT and tech, and the best part is that they do not have to be a difficult or lengthy process. CompTIAA+, for example, does not take long to get and will help you get ahead in a variety of IT roles, along with other sought-after certification options such as ITIL or Network+.

Improve Your Relevant Soft Skills

No matter where you’ve worked in the past or the type of job roles that you have worked in, chances are that you have developed a set of soft skills that will help you get further when working in the IT and tech industry. Customer service, communication, time management, organization, and basic computer skills like word processing are often the bare essentials to getting into a job in tech and IT. In many cases, you may be able to get your career in IT started off the back of just your soft skills, for example, since they will be required for working in entry-level positions such as on an IT helpdesk, where you may be able to work your way up the ranks into higher-paying IT positions with more responsibilities and better pay.

Learn Programming Languages

A good way to improve your credibility as an entry-level IT professional and be in with a chance of getting more work and making a name for yourself in the industry is to learn various popular programming languages. Most IT professionals will have one language that they prefer and work to become fluent in, but will have experience in a couple of other main ones. There are various programming languages to choose from, and the main one that you decide to learn will usually be based on the type of work that you want to do.

Java: One of the most used programming languages in the IT and tech world today. It is easily run across a range of different platforms and is often used in the development of mobile apps, video games, and a range of other applications.

JavaScript: Despite its name being similar, this programming language is not related to Java in any way. It is everywhere on the web today and allows programmers to add more intricate elements to websites. This programming language is a must-learn if you are interested in getting into a web development career in the future.

Ruby: Also referred to as Ruby on Rails, Ruby is a programming language mainly used to develop web apps. It is straightforward to learn and has a variety of different applications, making it a popular choice for beginner developers starting out with learning their first coding language.

Python: Python is a great first choice if you are starting to learn how to code, since it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn with a straightforward, simple syntax. There is a Python framework for almost everything today, making this an ideal programming language to learn if you want to master one that will help you find work almost anywhere.

PHP: PHP is a programming language that is used in dynamic-heavy app and website development. It is the programming language behind the huge social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s an open-source language with lots of free, pre-built modules making it a create choice for people who want to get as creative as possible.

C: Often one of the first programming languages that beginners will learn, C is used for developing versatile apps, since it can be run almost anywhere. It’s also a very easy language to learn and ideal for beginners.

C#: Almost identical to Java when it comes to the syntax, this is a programming language that is mainly used to develop Microsoft apps, and is an ideal choice for any developer that wants to work specifically on Microsoft products in the future.

Objective-C: A programming language that is exclusively used to develop iOS apps.

IT and tech training allows you to enter the workforce with lots of demand for your skills and the opportunity to work in not only the tech industry but also various other industries where tech and IT skills are needed.