Marketing mortgage businessBuying a home is the desire of many. Right from the time people are employed, they start saving part of their income to buy their dream home. The real estate market is one of the best performing businesses globally. As a result, it has attracted many investors who’ve pumped millions of dollars into the market.

Apart from saving your finances for years to buy your perfect home, there’s always another alternative: taking a mortgage loan and paying it within an agreed period. But even though many people want to take a mortgage loan, they may not know that mortgage agencies advance such loans at favorable terms, unlike other financial institutions.

If you’d like to grow your mortgage business, you may need to level up your marketing efforts. Here are proven strategies that are going to help you improve your mortgage marketing:

1. Leverage Facebook Ads

Digital marketing is one of the fastest ways that a business owner can reach thousands of potential customers. ‘One of the great platforms that you can expose your mortgage business is using Facebook ads,’ says McBilly Sy of Good Vibe Squad. The advantage of Facebook ads is you can do targeted advertising. You can carry out your mortgage advertising to people in the city of your choice and its environs. Targeted advertising can also categorize your audience in terms of age, interests, or level of education.

Once you’ve selected your target audience on Facebook, they’ll receive your ads in their news feed. Moreover, if you want to generate quality leads for your business, you may consider doing paid advertising that focuses on closing deals rather than developing new clients.

2. Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are said to be effective when you want to get the contact details of your prospective customers. These are free materials that you give to your audience once they provide their information. It acts as bait.

On your landing page, include a call to action that offers gifts such as a how-to guide, training video, product samples or trials, invitation to a webinar, a whitepaper, templates, and others.

3. Try Google Ads

There are millions of people searching for information on the search engine. Therefore, Google ads are a doorway to increase the visibility of your mortgage business online. Your mortgage marketing efforts can yield significant returns on investment through Google advertising. The moment someone searches for mortgage loans in your area, your ads appear at the top of the search results.

Google ads are advantageous because you don’t pay for your ads to appear online but pay when someone clicks your ads to visit your website. Because of this, they’re a much less risky way of advertising. In addition, you can market your mortgage business even if you have a limited budget.

If you’re thinking of investing in Google ad marketing, ensure that your ads are optimized to appear on search results according to the keywords you use. Thus, you have to do keyword research to know the possible words online searchers are likely to use.

4. Publish In Local Real Estate Magazines

Apart from the strategies mentioned above of mortgage marketing, you can also publish great articles in real estate magazines in your local area. It’s an excellent way of staging your brand in your local community. It’s easy for online visitors to ignore your ads because of the many online ads.

However, when you publish in the print media, people always read the information inside. As a result, they won’t scan through your headlines; instead, they’ll skim to know what’s inside. In addition, magazines are timeless. They’ll stay in the homes of those who buy them for several months, which may attract continuous leads. This is unlike online ads, which have a life span.

5. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is efficient in exposing your mortgage business before your potential customers in their email inbox. You can attach your business magazine or a guide that explains how one can access a mortgage loan to purchase a home in your email. You can get the emails of your customers through the lead magnet strategies discussed above. However, always send quality information to your prospects that’ll nurture them until they convert into customers.

Wrapping Up

Marketing your mortgage business just like other types of marketing isn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, you need to plan and strategize on your tactics to gain customers from your leads. Your aim should be to get leads first, then later convert them into customers. Once you have the proper budget for your marketing campaigns, you can leverage sponsored ads on Facebook and Google. In addition, use email advertising without forgetting to publish guest blogs in local real estate magazines.